JJ: Everything.Mature

"You want everything," I said quietly.

Rollar sat down on the bed silently, waiting for me to begin.

"Well... Where shall I start? You want my entire sexual history, and there’s a lot of it. I first had sex when I was fourteeb. I know it was illegal, and I knew then, but I didn’t care. I still don’t; it was consensual and it was an experience we both enjoyed.

"It was a girls, my first time . I didn’t realise I was bi until about six months after that. When I first started having... feelings for Carter. We’d been best friends since we were both five. I knew he was gay. I was the only one who knew. It was his fifteenth birthday and we were out in the little woods near his house. I kissed him. He pushed me away and asked if I was joking. That was the start of our relationship. I introduced him to sex and seven months into our relationship, I accused him of cheating on me.

"He’d been... friendly with one of our friends. It was the summer holidays and we were spending the weeks in my family’s holiday home in Devon; he hates flying. It was just the two of us, but I’d seen that guy in town and there were several nights that I would wake up in the middle of the night and he wouldn’t be there. I accused him of cheating on me with Adam. We broke up there and then, in Devon. He went home the following day. I confronted Adam about it and he had no clue what I was going on about, and then I knew I’d made a huge mistake. We made up but we knew it was in our best interests not to be together. As soon as I could, I dropped school. So did Carter’s friend Madelin.

"We spoke a bit, not much. One day she invited me to hers for lunch, so I went. After we’d eaten, she handed me a contract and watched me as I read through it. She’s older than I am by a few years. I think she was twenty or so at the time, so she’s four years older than me, and you know, for a sixteen year old boy with hormones raging, it suited. I signed the bloody thing. Carter didn’t realise, even though he and I were sharing a house, though he stayed in school—I didn’t. She introduced me to a sexuality I’d never experienced before. All the S&M shit we did... You’ve seen the extent of my collection. I signed that contract again and again and again, for two months at a time. After eight months of our contractual relationship, Carter found all my stuff. He didn't know about Maddy, and I didn't tell him. He basically dragged me to the first psychiatrist that would see me. It surprised me that he even cared. I was almost seventeen and that was when my sex life exploded.

"A few months into that, I found a girl who, you know, I liked. She was attractive and good in bed, so I asked her if she wanted to be lovers. She agreed. After a month or two, she told me she loved me. And I panicked. I broke all ties with her and I haven’t seen her since. I don’t even remember her name if I’m honest. The incident with the Prime Minister’s daughter didn’t happen until I was eighteen. It was dark, I was slightly drunk, and I was in a club with some friends. I found her, flirted with her, asked if she wanted to come to mine. She said she had a better idea and led me outside, into an alley. She kissed me and I began undressing her. One of her friends got worried and came out to find us. That was how that got publicity. I’ve been sticking to one night stands and flings since then. Until I met you."

I looked at her carefully, waiting for a reaction.

The End

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