Rollar: Need To KnowMature

So I slept with Jaimie then got really snappy and angry at him after. I mean I had every right to. I was getting a lot more snappy these days. Maybe cause being with Jaimie mattered alot to me. As I was heating up the food this Carter called again. 

I couldn't help but start to question who he was and who he was to Jaimie. "Jaimie, food!" I called annoyed he'd just wandered off.

"Give me a minute" he replied which made me feel very dismissed. I mean wasn't us spending time together more important? "Sorry" he says coming back into the kitchen. "I'll ring back later"

I don't reply beginning to plate up the meal which has taken me hours to get to. Jaimie gets the plates once they're done carrying them to the dining table where we are to eat. "Who is Carter?"

"My best friend. And, urh... Well, he's an ex" he tells me and I'm unable to stop the frown that forms on my face. I mean I'd heard them talk with one another. There bond was very tight and I'm not sure I was happy with Jaimie having that sort of bond with an ex. I didn't have that with any of mine. "Does it bother you?"

"No" I reply but am unable to hide the jealousy in my voice that points the statement out to be a lie.

"You can be truthful with me, you know?" he say which he really shouldn't have cause I just let rip.

"No, I don't like it. Especially when he's arranging appointments for you and calling to make sure you're okay. That's my job" I tell him a clear annoyed snap to my voice.

"He's looked after me for the past four years since we bought a house so I could get the hell away from my mum"

"I don't like it" I say with a mopey tone to my voice. Great! Now I sound like the child, I think grumpily to myself.

"Do you want to start arranging my fucked-up appointments then? You're actually Dr. Browne's favourite topic of conversation"

"Maybe if you had even bothered to mention them before today I would have!" I yell at him before abandoning dinner and storming away. This just really wasn't working when did things get so complicated? When did this stuff even matter to me anyway?

I went to the room we now shared and saw Jaimie wallet laying open on the bedside table and a picture corner just peeking out. Intrigued I went and got it out finding my heart sink to the bottom of my chest as I stared at Jaimie locking lips with a strange man.

That was when Jaimie chose the perfect moment to come into the room. "What the hell is this?" I yelled showing him the picture as tears started to form in my eyes. "Why is it still in your wallet?" 

"I honestly dont know. I thought I got rid of that."

He tried to hug him but I shoved him away feeling like my heart was being ripped out. He'd repetitively said he was mine but just over this past two days I'd learnt of two things I didn't know about my supposed 'boyfriend'.

"No! I can't deal with these secrets. These strange sudden phone calls from an old lover. Be straight with me, Jaimie. Please. I'm carrying your fricken child!"

Jaimie gave this defeated sigh. 

"What do you want me to tell you?"

"Everything. Every fling. Every one night stand. Just.... everything"

"That's a lot" he said running his hand back through his hair.

"We have all night"

The End

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