Rollar: All About JaimieMature

When Jaimie got a call from a strange man that he then continued to have a very familiar conversation with. No, I wasn't jealous at all. Nor was I going to question Jaimie about this Carter when he got back. No, I wasn't going to do that. I focused on making Sunday dinner for me and Jaimie.

I was still cooking when I heard the door open then slam. "Jaimie?" I called in question as I put the lid back on the boiling veg. He didn't reply and I heard striding footsteps a moment before I was span round. Jaimie's lips landed upon my heavy and heated. I let out a sort of muffled squeak of surprise before kissing back and my arms looping around his neck. He pushed my back and my back met a wall.

It was then I remembered about the food turning my head away. "J-Jaimie the food" I protested to which he quickly reacted by turning everything off. I didn't really like that. "No we need to eat I spent all day on that"

"Not right now" Jaimie whispered in my ear.

His breath passing over my skin made me shiver but I forced myself to be firm. Laying my hands on his chest I pushed Jaimie back. "No, Jaimie"

He ignored me though stepping back up. "I need you now, Rollar" he said and his word sent tingles through my body.

"Jaimie" I complained at him with a groan. Why did he have to be so tempting? Why did he have to be so good at touching those parts of me that just melted like butter from a simple phrase or touch.

"I need you, Rollar" he whispers his voice traveling through me like that first taste of chocolate on the tip of your tongue.

"You can have me later just not now"

"No, now. Please, Rollar"

Wait a second there.... Did Jaimie just beg? No he couldn't have. He wasn't the sort to beg. He didn't really need to in any case most of the time. "I spent all day on this meal" I say really not wanting it to go cold. I wanted to have a romantic meal. We hadn't really done that. Most of the time we were being lazy on the couch, practicing or... well, playing in the bedroom.

"After the hour I've just had it's not food I'm hungry for. It'll survive for half an hour, and I won't even need that. Please"

I couldn't help but scowl as his words fully registered in my mind. "Are you saying I'm just a quickie?"

"No, Rollar, I love you, you know that. But for me, please. I need this right now" he says his lips moving up my neck leaving slow kisses as he does. Ones that cause me to shiver from the tips of my toes to the hairs atop my head. Damn you, Jaimie.

"Why do I always have to do things for you?" 

Even though I complained one last time I still succumbed and pulled him down into a intimate, and very heated, kiss.

The End

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