Rollar: Watching A FilmMature

So... it was the weekend and we had no work till Monday so what did me and Jaimie decide to do on this lovely sunny Saturday? Stick inside and watch a film. I don't know what it was about. I think it was a romance but I was pretty comfortable lounging across the couch with my head in Jaimie's lap.

I wasn't feeling guilty about taking up most of the couch and really I wanted to watch a film to think over what we had done last night. I had been wondering whether Jaimie really did enjoy it. He seemed to at the time but this morning he got very quiet and worried. Maybe he wasn't ready to do that or never would. I'd just have to except that I guess. As I came back from my thoughts a guy came on screen shirtless.

He was toned and his skin tanned nicely. Not fake tan but a proper tan. The sight of him made the room feel steamy. "That's hot" I accidentally commented out loud. Sort of a bad idea when your boyfriend is in the room.

"Hot?" Jaimie questioned turning my attention to him to find his eyebrows raised as he peered down at me.

 "Oh come on. Wouldn't you take him to bed?"

"I've got you. I don't need anyone else" 

"You can still find people attractive" I rushed out as this conversation started to make me feel bad. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything or even thought it. I hadn't meant to but you couldn't help attraction really. It was most biological.

"You're mine, Rollar. And I'm yours"

"It doesn't stop attraction, Jaimie" my reply was quick. I didn't really react well to the whole possessive statements. He frowned down at me and turned back to watch the film. That wasn't the only shirtless scene mind you and when another came on I found myself biting my lower lip. Not on purpose just.... the guy really was hot.

Suddenly without warning Jaimie got up and left for the kitchen. I panicked for a few moments before I heard him pouring a drink which allowed me to relax and go back to watching the film.

"What shall we have for lunch? Or is it dinner time now..."

"I don't know" his reply was sharp and made me sit up then head into the kitchen.

"Did you just snap?" I questioned him but I didn't get a reply which was infuriating. "Jaimie?"


I couldn't help but step back at the very sharp reply. "Why are you snapping at me?" I questioned in confusion. He merely shook his head and turned his back on me to continue making his coffee. Okay, now I got mad. "Jaimie! Answer me!"

"What do you want me to say?" he snaps, turning around to face me. 

"Why the hell you're so pissed off?!"

"My girlfriend practically drooling over a shirtless guy in a film we're watching together!" he said which was a fair reply and if I wasn't so mad I would have apologized but I was mad and something in was saying I shouldn't be taking this.

"I wasn't drooling! And I'm allowed to do what I like!"

"I never said you couldn't do what you like! A little consideration would be nice though"

"You're being clingy!" I accused him honestly feeling like he was invading my personal space. All of this wasn't like me though. Especially sober. I'd gotten a lot more confident since joining this band and hooking up with Jaimie. Maybe not for the better. Jaimie continued to make his coffee though meaning his back was too me so in a moment of anger I shoved him. "Look at me!"

He turned round grabbing both my wrist in one hand. "Happy now?" he said watching me but his grip on my wrists were very tight. It hurt quite a bit actually.

"Jaimie... you're hurting me"

It took him a few moments but let go turning back to pour hot water into his mug. Hesitantly I hugged him from behind burying my face into his back starting to feel apologetic over what I'd said and done.

He soon let out a sigh that held a lot of tension. "I'm sorry" I whispered wanting us to stop fighting and the anger to go away.

"So am I" he replied and I felt much better.

The End

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