JJ: In Hindsight....Mature

Waking up slowly, I could feel Rollar's now familiar form lying beside me and I smiled, my eyes still closed. My fingers brushed the skin of her arm and she stirred slightly. I sat up and stretched, opening my eyes. Only to see Rollar's wrists bound and her skin slightly pink and bruised. Woah, what the fuck?

Last night... It all flooded my mind like a bad dream. She'd... Rollar had wanted to usenthe handcuffs on me. That wasn't good. I didn't want to remember the last time any of this stuff was used on me. Madelin and I had gone a lot further than just cuffs and gags. A lot further.

I sat quietly, unsure of what to do. I reached over and undid the cuffs around her wrists. She stirred slightly as I stood and walked down the hall into the bathroom with a single aim. It took a while, a lot of looking through cupboards to find what I was looking for.

Walking back to the bedroom, I tried to block all thoughts and opinions about what had happened last night. I opened the door to find Rollar still lying down on her front with her arms folded under her head because all of the pillows were on the floor. At the sound of the door opening, she opened an eye and smiled a very small smile.

I didn't respond, placing the bottle I'd found in the bathroom on the side table and sitting down on the bed. Rollar went back to sleep, her eyes sliding closed.

I woke her up gently, running my fingers up and down her spine.

"Why?" she groaned, frowning.

I smiled slightly. It was the sort of 'why' that could mean anything, though tended to mean 'why the hell are you waking me up?'. I was well acquainted with it.

"I need to put some baby oil on your skin, especially your wrists," I murmured, kissing her shoulder.

"What for?" she muttered.

"It'll take the sting out. I don't know what I did to you last night. I don't know what I used," I whispered.

"What sting? Um, handcuffs... a belt that kept my arms by my sides... Uh... I don't know. I stopped thinking about it when we... you know..." she giggled.

I smiled. "So do I. But handcuffs can bite into your wrists quite viciously. And belts have sharp edges."

"All I feel is that fuzzy warm ball in my stomach that I usually get," she said, rolling over and drawing me down for a kiss.

I kissed her briefly. "Please, though. It'll give me some peace of mind."

She lay back down. "Okay, I won't protest against having your hands all over me."

I grinned at the way she made it sound like such a hardship.

"Good," I said.

As I reached over for the bottle, she closed her eyes, looking relaxed after everything that had happened last night. I could feel the shift in my stance, my thoughts... To be honest, in hindsight, I don't think it was a very good idea...

The End

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