Rollar: The MumMature

Mrs Evans eyes moved up and down me studying ever inch. Every wrinkle. Every spot. Every freckle was being assessed. I swallowed uncomfortably and just stood there. I didn't think about introductions or being polite not when these dagger eyes were looking me up and down.

Although, my mind was half on Jaimie who still hadn't gotten his chance to ask me about my news.

"Rollar, isn't it? Short for something?" Mrs Evans finally asked me directly although I wasn't sure if I was better for it.

"It's short for Robin" I quickly rushed out.

"Interesting nickname. Shall we go through to dinner?" 

I relaxed instantly the moment I was out of the spotlight but I knew. Deep down I knew that wasn't the end of it.

"Lauren, how's college?"

"Oh, it's alright. Interesting," Lauren replied quietly. Even her own daughter was wary of her. I mean when Jaimie said she was the devil's spawn. I had been half hoping it was a joke but now as I clung to his arm hoping he'd act as my defense I realised it hadn't been.

He led me along behind his mother and daughter squeezing my hand in reassurance. It wasn't much help but I quickly kissed his cheek as a thank you. He smiled down at me and when we got to the dining room sat us as far as possible from his mother. "I wanna go home" I whispered having lost all my confidence in meeting Jaimie's family.

"So do I" Jaimie replied in a hushed tone. "But she'll only keep nagging" he finished and I sunk low in my seat. His reply wasn't really the one I had wanted. "After this you never have to see her again"


"Let's just get through this first, though" he said to me and I gave him nod just as the food began to be brought food. I'd never had food served to me in a home before. Not by servers anyway. I thought that was for restaurants. Anyway, I sat up straight. 

Jaimie began talking with Lauren which is when a man came over to me. "Drink, ma'am?"

"Um, just water" I replied forcing a smile. Afterall I was pregnant so wine was out of the question.

"Are you alright with all of this?" Jaimie asked me.

I studied my started concerned. "I'm not sure what this is" I admitted worried about what I was actually eating.

"Imagine what my childhood was like" Jaimie said and gave me a small smile just as I poked the mound that was meant to be my started. It wobbled and I almost cried out in horror but instead just stared.

The End

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