Rollar: Going to DinnerMature

Things weren't good but they could have been worse. As we left the office and headed back to what essentially was our home I started to muse over things. "Maybe we should redecorate" I said as I sat in my car seat knees pulled up to my chest. I was trying very hard to not have a panic attack. Well, I had been all day. This was the first time in almost two years that I had been utterly and completely sober. "Like move into one room together"

"Sure" Jaimie said pulling the car into the drive. "I'd like that" 

"I'll call Rody about it then" I said kissing Jaimie's cheek before quickly slipping out of the car. I still hadn't told him. Why? Why couldn't I just blurt it out and tell him? Maybe it was cause I was scared. Jaimie was in no way the sort of guy to be a father. Well, not yet anyway. Maybe in like ten years but not now.

"We have to get to my parents house for six-thirty" Jaimie called up to me as he got out of the car.

I checked my watch. It was already four o'clock. Blimey. "I'll go and grab a shower now" I called back to him then headed inside. I went into my room and closed the door. I looked at the fridge and itched to pick out one of the many bottles that lay within but I couldn't. Not while I was.... well, in this state.

So ignoring the fridge I went to my closet and began looking through my clothes most of them did not in anyway say 'Hey, I'm respectful girl dating your sun' but they were all me. Sighing I settled on a black dress where it hugged my body to my waist where it flowed out to my knees. It had off the shoulder straps and overall the dress was more a party dress than a parental dinner meeting. 

I'd have to wear it anyway. Putting it on my bed I quickly went to take my shower enjoying the feeling of the warm water travelling down over my skin. Once I had done I began to comb out my hair and plaited it so today it wasn't going to turn into a birds nest. I was struggling to zip up the back of my dress when Jaimie came in. "Need help with that?"

"You know how to zip them up?" I teased turning my back to him feeling his fingers brush my spine as he pulled the zip up.

"I just prefer to pull them down" he purred leaning down to kiss my shoulder very softly. "I like this dress"

"I knew you would" I laughed turning in his arms watching him examine me. 

"Your hair looks nice plaited" he smiled touching the ends of it. I fiddled with the top button of his fancy shirt"

"You look very smart"

"Good or bad?"

"Depends" I teased and grabbed my satchel bag. "We best get going"

Jaimie sighed and pushed a hand back through his hair. "I guess. Don't want to be late" he said and took my hand in his as we moved out the house to the car. The drive from ours to his was quite long and I found myself drifting of into thought. My hands about to stray to my stomach but I quickly stopped them.

"How far?" I questioned after half and hour had past.

"Not much longer" he said taking my hand and rubbing his finger over the back of it. I closed my eyes and imaged a kid in the back but quickly snapped myself out of it which is when we pulled up to a gate. Jaimie leaned out the window and spoke to someone before the gates swung open which was when he was allowed to drive up.

I gawked at the house we pulled up in front of being a little unsteady on my feet as we got out. "You grew up here?" I whispered.

"Yep. Spent years wanting to get out" he said coming round the car and taking my hand again. "It isn't that impressive"

"Jaimie, yes it is" I laughed to which he returned a smile and led me up the steps. He pressed the buzzer by the door and we waited. He checked his watch and frowned. "What?"

"They don't usually take long to answer the door. They're probably in the kitchen" he said and reached forward to press the buzzer again.

As we stood there I felt my heart racing. I knew what I was about to do would be something I regretted. "Jaimie..."

"Yeah?" he said looking at me but I watched my feet till I'd firmly made up my mind. I looked up at him right in the eye.

"I'm pregnant" I stated which was when the front door swung open. 

The End

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