Rollar: Staying SoberMature

Okay so a lot had happened to me. Jaimie was mine. Kyle was god knows where. I was meeting the parents, one of which was probably not going to approve of me. Now though, as I stared down at the little piece of plastic in my hand, I had made things a lot more chaotic.

"Rollar?" Jaimie said knocking on the bathroom door making me jump and drop the stupid thing in my hand. "You need to hurry up a bit we're gonna be late"

"Okay!" I called back then leaned down to pick the test back up. A pregnancy test. My period was only a couple days late but I hadn't wanted to risk it so... that's how I founded myself staring at the little green plus that said I was gonna be a mommy. Also, I was gonna have to quit drinking.... shit.

I couldn't perform without alcohol and I knew why Rody wanted to see us. We were going on tour competing against another band who'd been round a few months longer then us. 

Things had taken a huge dive into a big shit pile and of course I hadn't told Jaimie yet. Shoving the test into the depths of my handbag I left the bathroom to find Jaimie waiting. "Let's go" I said.

"Surely you haven't fit your alcohol in that?" Jaimie teased jabbing the tiny satchel purse. I didn't reply and tried to not let it show that I was panicking.

God, how much I was panicking was unrealistic. Soon enough though we were in the car traveling the now over familiar roads. We pulled up just as Kyle was about to head in. "Kyle!" I yelled jumping out the car and rushing over before Jaimie had even properly pulled up. Kyle stopped but he tensed and I felt guilty. "Where have you been?" I said worried.

"I moved out"

"Well, I know that... look is this... is this cause of what happened with Jaimie, you and me?" I muttered. Kyle didn't seem to want to answer but I just waited anyway.

"Yes" he admitted and I sighed fiddling with my nails as I mused over what to say next but also to stop me from stuttering to much. I was already starting to now my voice coming out breathlessly and shaky as I tried to speak to Kyle.

"Look, I'm sorry. Jaimie won't say it but he's sorry too. I know you maybe feel used but we're still friends right?"

Kyle blinked at me as I peered up at him with worried eyes. "Rollar, are you sober?" he said seeming to be struggling for anything else to say from his shock.

I opened my mouth to reply but I felt an arm slide round my waist as Jaimie joined us. I watched Kyle tense again and knew there were bad feeling there. Ones that needed to be sorted especially if we were going on tour. Yikes.

The End

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