Rollar: JealousyMature

When Jaimie came back he was tense and I didn't understand why at first just watching him to see if he was going to tell me himself. As he unpacked the food though without even saying a word I realised it was gonna have to be me to mention something. I was a bit more sober than I would have liked to. Being around Jaimie calmed me down. I found myself relying less and less on the drinks and more on him.

"Is something the matter?" I finally asked.

Jaimie looked up and over at me. He sighed and opened his arms in a way of showing he needed a hug. I went over and slipped my arms easily around him. Our bodies pressed together like two pieces of a jigsaw and it was nice. "Please don't take this the wrong way but.... I saw Kyle and he was with another guy. I just..." he trailed off unsure of how to put it.

"You're jealous?"

"No, not jealous" he said trying to dismiss the idea but I could tell he was jealous. I reached up and stroked his cheek gently before making him look at me.

"You're jealous" I said but not a question this time more of a statement. Jaimie didn't bother to try and deny me this time a pout slipping onto his lips as he looked down at me. "Its okay, Jaimie. I wouldn't even dare doubt that if you and me hadn't got together that you would be with him"

"Rollar..." he says pained.

I put a finger over his lips. "It doesn't concern me now, Jaimie. I just know what would have happened if we hadn't" I said then slipped out of his arms helping him sort out the rest of the food. "We will see Kyle tomorrow anyway. We've been called in to pick the name and CD cover for our album. Then Rody said he has a big surprise as well"

Jaimie nodded and stopped my hands. "I love you"

"I know you do" I smiled leaning up to kiss him. "And I love you too"

The End

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