Kyle: ChangingMature

I carried the last of my four boxes of stuff. Some of the contents were things I'd never bothered shipping from my old place. The new place was nice enough. A one room flat on the top floor. One wall was a stretch of glass that showed me the slowly fading light outside. I continued my unpacking, putting the few books I owned and framed photos I'd left at home on a small bookshelf. I checked my phone and saw a text from Chrissie. Rody had asked if I would still turn up tomorrow. She even put a please in.

I wondered if that her idea or his. I plugged it into its charger and chose not to answer. I headed to the bathroom to grab a shower and stared at my hair, it'd grown so much it was close to touching my shoulders. I'd need to get a haircut, I looked at the box of dye sitting before me.
My roots were showing through and to be honest I'd outgrown the whole emo boy phase. Maybe it suited the band to keep it but I felt the need to make some changes. After the mess with Jamie and Rollar. I knew I couldn't just escape the truth. I didn't know why I was trying to justify it. I could do what I wanted at the end of the day.

When I left the shower I pulled on a pair of faded blue jeans. I reached for my usual hoodies and stopped. I rummaged through my stuff further and managed to find an old blue shirt. It was better than nothing so I pulled it on. I grabbed my coat and left. I didn't know what I intended to do as I locked the door. But I couldn't sit around doing nothing and feeling restless. I heard movement in the flat across from mine. I wasn't really interested in meeting neighbours yet so I started walking. Then I stopped dead in my tracks.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, because I really didn't need any other complications. I could already feel a headache forming. Maybe I should've stayed inside. This self-detox thing was going to be hard. I'd cut down the number of pills I took a day, hoping I could slowly forget them altogether.

“When did you go back your natural hair colour?” Liam replied, raising an eyebrow at my now pale blond hair.
“Felt like a change,” I shrugged.
“Is that why you're here and not with the band? Or did you guys break up already?” he asked. The last one was a good question. Maybe we'd find out soon.
“I needed to escape the house and get some time to myself is all. Why are you here? I figured after Jaimie screwed up your future you wouldn't be able to afford a place like this,” I asked, watching Liam's eyes darken a little.
“I knew it was that son of bitch,” he muttered under his breath. I sighed and walked past him. I really wasn't in the mood for this crap. I'd have to ask Rody to find me somewhere else. Or find a way to make Liam move.
“Wait!” Lima yelled. And despite myself I stopped to glance at him over my shoulder.
“Your right, I can;t get a job. So...any chance that your music company is hiring?” he asked, his voice desperate. This was the first time I'd ever heard him beg for something.
“I wouldn't know-” I began, feeling a little bad. Jaimie had gone a little far with the job thing.

“My dad's company has some positions coming up, want me to hand in your CV?” We both looked up at the new voice. The guy had styled brown hair and grey eyes with a lean build. I found myself fighting the urge to stutter. Luckily Liam has always been the more social-adapted one of us.
“Are you being serious? That would be great. Hang on,” Liam fumbled for a few second in his shoulder bag before handed a thin folder to the guy.
“No problem. It's not easy getting work these days,” The guy replied. Lima gave his thanks again and left in a hurry. Maybe he had other interviews to get too? I glanced back to the guy and realised he was watching me.
“Hi,” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable under his gaze.
“Hey, you look new to the building,” He said.
“I am,” I replied. Wishing I could think up wittier responses. Jaimie was always good at those.

“New to the city as well at all? If so I could give a tour,” he offered.
“I used to live closer to the city centre,” I said with a shrug.
“Ah,” he said, looking at the ground for a few seconds. I was confused by his reaction then wondered, had he just been trying to asking me out?
“But I don't really know this area too well,” I added. He looked from his feet to me with a barely concealed grin.
“I'm Ben, you?” He said, leading the way to the elevator.
“Kyle,” I said. I ignored the part of me that said this was a bad idea so soon after Jaimie. But another part said why the hell not? Jaimie had made it more than clear I was nothing more than a one-night stand to him. I had no reason to hold back.

The End

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