Kyle: ResolutionsMature

I groaned at my reflection and grabbed the eye drops, ignoring the weird tingle they caused. It was getting too obvious that I was using and Rody had made it clear I cover it up. Apparently I was somehow in his good graces, though I guess that's partly due to Jaimie. I sighed and pressed my forehead against the cool glass, already regretting the thought. I heard laughter echo upstairs and my fists clenched in response. I moved away from the mirror and headed downstairs, wary of what I'd find. Rollar hadn't been talking, much less laughing these days. If she did anything when I was around, it was stare. I knew she knew what had happened between us. I doubt she knew how much I regretted it. Especially when I got a call the next night pleading me to come back. If it had been in person I may have given in to his anguished voice.

I froze mid-step as I saw Jaimie was back, his arm curled round Rollar on the sofa, his other hand reaching to push a strand away from her face. I sucked in a breath and pushed away the irrational feelings of hurt. I stormed down the rest of the steps and grabbed my jacket. I heard Jaimie ask if I was okay and didn't answer. Just slammed the door behind me. I put one foot in front of the other but after a few minutes I didn't feel the slightest less bothered. I found the nearest bench and sat down, watching the sky go from midday and into evening. I knew I was being dumb and stubborn. But I couldn't go back to that house. I pulled out my cell and called Rody.

“I'm busy, so speak fast,” he said as a greeting. I snorted, something I never did when talking to Rody in any way. Based on the silence, he was aware of that too.
“I won't stay in that house with them Rody. Either get me a apartment away from them or I find a hotel. And you better not tell them where the fuck I am,” I demanded down the line. I'd never demanded anything in my life. But I was sick and tired of being a pushover.
“And the band?” Rody asked, his voice wary and measured.
“I'll still turn up for practise and studio recordings. And I'll still go on tour, but again, not in the same caravan as them,” I replied. Feeling my cheeks burn a little, was I really going to make this drastic move? I thought Jaimie reaction to run away was ridiculous when he did it, and here I was doing the exact same thing. I waited and listened to the silence, growing jittery and impatient.

“Fine. Chrissie is sending you the address now. Your stuff won't be there until tomorrow, but I imagine you can grab some essentials on your way there if needed,” Rody replied. The line went dead and I stared at the small screen when the text message came through. I'd expected some dingy place but it was in a good area, and one a good distance from the other house. I recalled Rody's comment about essentials and headed to the shop, then to the pharmacy.

I wouldn't go in tomorrow, give Rody a chance to let them know what's going on. Then the day after, if they give me crap. I'll have to give it right back.

The End

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