JJ: EscapeMature

I woke up, sitting up slowly, allowing all the memories from the past day to flow back into my mind.

Kyle was sat up at the end of the bed, watching me. I raised an eyebrow and he blushed slightly.

"Morning," he said quietly.

"Morning. So?" I asked, referring to the previous night.

"Not bad," he said, blushing even more.

I couldn't help my grin.  "'Not bad'?"

"Okay, brilliant," he admitted.

I laughed a little. We both fell into silence.

"What happened yesterday? With Robin?" he asked quietly.

I sighed. I should have known we'd get to this. "She said she loved me."

"And do you love her back...?"

"I... I don't know. I've not been in a relationship for over two years. I never meant to get into one now."

"Why haven't you been in a relationship for so long? I mean, I can imagine that guys and girls would be queueing up to be with you. You know, you're... extremely cute, and well, in bed..." When he was over, his cheeks were a very deep shade of red.

I smiled slightly. "The last relationship I was in... ended badly."

"What kind of badly?"

"Well, I thought he was cheating on me. I confronted him and it ended in a massive argument. It hurt," I confessed, to myself as much as him, "to think that he was sleeping with someone else. He didn't though. He never did. I just gave up on relationships; I got hurt and I didn't intend to let it happen again."

Kyle watched me in silence for a while.

"What are you going to do?" he asked eventually.

"I don't know. I can't go back. Not yet. Don't tell Rollar about this, don't tell her you know where I am." He nodded. "Promise me."

"I promise I won't tell her."

I relaxed a little. Now what was I supposed to do?


It had been several days since I'd disappeared. My phone was long dead, so they had no way of communicating with me. I did use the phone in my hotel room to talk to Carter though. When I asked him not to tell anyone, he'd agreed, though sounded slightly wistful.

I still felt like I couldn't go back there, to that house. I knew I was in for a proper telling-off when I did go back, eventually. Not yet though, not yet. I never left the hotel room, unless it was for something completely essential. 

The days were beginning to blur by. I didn't know what the date was, or the time of day most of the time.

There wasn't much to do during the day, but the computer in the corner provided some amusement.

This hotel was my escape from the world where Rollar was in love with me, where I was part of a band managed by a control freak. My only escape.

The End

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