Kyle: Ignoring Common SenseMature

Lana had to give up on the search or miss her last bus out of town. I waved her goodbye and stared round the empty street. Robin had decided to continue searching alone while I saw Lana off. I walked down the street, kicking a pebble as I went. I looked at the different buildings. Seeing an upmarket coffee place that probably cost twice the usual; cost for a cup of Costa stuff. Then again, I could afford that couldn't I? I turned a corner to see a huge, fancy hotel and laughed to myself.
Why anyone would waste money just to stay a place that pompous confused me. Then again Jaimie live on pompous. I blinked and looked at the hotel then raced to the nearest traffic crossing. Of course, Jaimie wouldn't go home, too much chance he'd see Robin again. Since I'm guessing they had a fight of some sort. Jaimie would want to avoid her and stay where no one who knew him would see him.

I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for the man to turn green and when the beep beep of the changing colour hit my ears I practically raced across. I walked inside, self-conscious of my ragged jeans and old hoodie as I approached the front desk.
“Can I help you?” the girl asked, studying me with a mix of pity and disgust. Did I really look that poor?
“I'm here to see someone. Mr J Evans,” I replied, hoping I sounded professional enough. She did some quick tapping on her keyboard and rattled off a room number. I nodded my thanks and raced for the lift. I ignored the stares from the others inside and I pressed his level. I found his door easily enough and paused. Was I going to do this? Help Jaimie recover his relationship? I shook my head and wondered where the thought had come from. Besides, Robin knew what she was getting into, she had to. Jaimie wasn't the relationship type. There was no relationship to fix in theory. Just a friendship. Otherwise touring is going to be more than awkward. I knocked and heard approaching footsteps.
“I thought I'd caught you're eye-” Jaimie said through the wood as he opened the door. Then stopped with wide eyes, like a deer caught in headlight.

“Kyle?” he asked, rather dubious. I tried not to blush seeing as he only had a towel round his waist and his hair looked run-hands-through-able wet.
“Everyone's been trying to track you down. Figured if you were hiding anyway. It'd be some dumb, overpriced hotel,” I replied with a shrug.
“Oh,” he replied, shifting uncomfortably.
“ much did Robin tell you exactly?” he asked.
“Nothing really, she was pretty panicked though,” I said.
“Oh,” he said again. And I wondered if his head was screwed on right.
“Do you want to come in?” he asked. I shrugged and entered. Inside was a huge king-size bed and the floor was soft and pure white. I kicked off my muddy shoes. Figuring I should try to save the cleaners some hell.
“Need help with the rest?” Jaimie purred behind me. I jumped a little at his breath by my ear and turned to face him.
“What are you-” I began, but I didn't finish it as his lips fell on mine and his tongue assaulted mine. I felt my body quiver and knew I was moaning. But I pushed him away, with more purpose than I wished I had at that moment.
“Jaimie, you're with Robin,” I said and he laughed.

“I'm never “with” someone,” he replied and I knew he was right.
“Unless you mean a different with, because I was in the process of making that happen with you,” he replied. The words so smooth and reminding me he had more than enough practise with things like this.
“I'm not interested,” I said. I knew it was the biggest lie I told. But the last thing I needed was Jaimie drama in my life. Robin got hurt by getting involved, I had no intention of making that mistake.
“Really? Or is that more challenges like this morning?” he asked and I regretted ever doing the dumb flirting thing to cheer him up.
“You were upset by something. I just wanted you to be okay again,” I replied. But he had already made his mind up on what it had all meant.
“So, if I kiss you again, will you push me away? Or moan like before?” he asked, closing the small distance I'd placed between us. I felt my cheeks burn and knew exactly what was coming next. His lips attacked mine again and I felt a wall behind me. How had I managed to back up against the wall. I felt his hands wander, eliciting physical reactions I tried but failed to ignore.

“You still not interested?” he whispered, pulling away. I knew in the back of my mind it was stupid. But I still pushed him forward and onto the bed. If he was shocked it was momentary.
“You better be as good as they say you are,” I muttered as my lips brushed his again. I felt his laugh through the touch and told my common sense to go away.

The End

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