Rollar: Stupid WordsMature

Okay, our sneak off to the toilet was too plain obvious. It was also just meant to be a quickie. It ended up turning into something quiet strange. Usually everything was just one roll of passion. Quick and intense. It was still intense but more cause everything went so slow. 

I tugged on my shirt feeling the brush of fabric over my skin. I glanced over at Jaimie who was lazily putting his trousers on. "Why were you so slow?"

"Huh?" he asked looking over at me. I repeated my question to which he merely shrugged. "Just felt like it"

I could tell he was blocking something though but Jaimie leaned over and kissed me. It was so very soft and... innocent. No, Jaimie was never innocent which was proved by the intensity growing. I wrapped my arms round Jaimie's neck wondering if we were just gonna end up going again. We shouldn't really Lana and Kyle would be seriously wondering what was going on by now.  

Jaimie bit my lower lip and I gasped. He pulled back and grinned at me. Such a charming smile that sent my heart racing. "I love you"

Everything seemed to slow as Jaimie face became panicked then speed up real fast as he yanked his arms away from me. Crap. "What?" he asked but I didn't need  to say anything. He knew what he heard. He stumbled back pushing his hands back through his hair. "Did you just..."

"Jaimie, I.." I started reaching out for him but he yanked himself out of reach. I felt pain curl through me horribly. He was looking at me with such fear. It worried me at the same time as being a hard slap in the face.

He turned and left the cubicle then soon I heard him leave the bathroom. I slumped sideways leaning against the cubicle wall feeling like the biggest idiot ever. It wasn't serious. It wasn't meant to get serious. I buried my face in my hand as tears started to fall. I wiped them away angrily and got my vodka out of my bag taking several huge swigs before leaving the restroom.

"Where's Jaimie?" Kyle asked when I came out. 

I looked around confused. "He came out before me" I muttered making Kyle frown as well as myself. "I'm gonna go outside to look for him"

"I'll join you" Kyle said getting up. I nodded and headed outside with Kyle and now Lana following. We got outside but even after looking up and down the whole street he wasn't anywhere. "He must have gone home"

Something in my stomach told me he could be half the way to Australia by now. "Yeah, that must be it" I said trying to shove away the worry but it wouldn't go away.

"What happened?" Lana said noticing my distress. I glanced at both of them and shook my head preferring to not say. I'd been so stupid. 

They both dropped it and we all decided to go back to the house to find Jaimie. Only he wasn't there. The phone rang and I raced over to pick it up. "Hello?"

"I have great news!" Rody yelled down the phone so loud Kyle and Lana heard coming over. "You're going on tour!"


The End

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