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It's worrying that Madeline looked exactly how I pictured her. But the fact she was about to give away one of Jaimie's biggest secrets was the biggest shock. I'm gad Lana got my look and didn't say anything.
“Let's eat!” Lana yelped, trying to get rid of the strange tension. Though she didn't understand it's cause. She probably picked up on the whole ex thing though.
“Good plan, solid food can't hurt,” Robin agreed. Based on her breath I figured it'd be good if she had something to absorb the alcohol.
“Sure, where at?” Jaimie asked. Acting a lot calmer than I'd probably be in his place. Then again I'd never done anything more adventurous than taking a pill.
“There's a good Italian place nearby if you want to try it,” Lana suggested. Everyone nodded and followed her.

“Out of curiosity,” Lana began, leaning towards me. “Have you ran into Liam yet? A few months ago he got drunk and ranted about tracking you down again.” A few months? Wow, had it been that hard to find me?
“He found me,” I replied crisply. Not wanting to talk about any of that.
“You talking about the jerk? I got rid of him,” Jaimie butted in. Lana's eyes widen slightly.
“Well, good. He's already caused enough trouble in your life,” Lana muttered. I gave a little nervous laugh and hoped she didn't realise I was still on drugs after all this time. The place was a little place with candles and creaky wooden furniture. I glanced at the menu and decided to go for a simple spaghetti dish.
“Be right back,” Robin said, getting up and heading over to the toilet. Jaimie stayed sat a total of 20 seconds before excusing himself to follow.

“Jesus, he really is...uh...” Lana trailed off, conscious of me suddenly.
“You can say, he is sex obsessed. I've no clue what's going on between those two and I don't really want to ask,” I replied.
“Good tactic,” Lana laughed. Our drinks and food arrived pretty quickly and I wondered why they weren't done yet. I thought quickies were meant to be...well, quick.
“Maybe they're actually talking about something?” Lana suggested, seeing where my gaze was aimed.
“Maybe, but I doubt Jaimie expected it when he followed,” I said. Lana frowned then shrugged.
“If she's yelling at him for earlier, then serves him right,” Lana said. I raised a confused eyebrow at her. And Lana released a sigh.
“Even gay guys are still guys,” she muttered. I made an indignant sound and waited for her to tell already.

“He said he was straight when moments earlier he had his arm round her waist. Even if it is a friends with benefits thing, that still had to hurt a little,” Lana explained. I had to admit she had a point. But still, they had to be talking or doing something else to have been in there long enough.
“Maybe they did a runner as well,” Lana said with a laugh.
“I guess we're horribly normal and boring compared to them,” I replied with my own laugh. Lana snorted.
“Since when are you boring? How much have you actually told them about you?” Lana asked and I shrugged.
“They know bass isn't the only instrument I play. They know about Liam,” I summed up.
“Is that it? You guys live together and that's the amount you've communicated?” Lana said, eyes wide. Well, they also knew about my issue with pills. But I couldn't tell her about that. I shrugged again, they were always busy wrapped up in their own things. I was the same really.

“Do they not know the basic stuff?” Lana asked.
“Meaning?” I asked.
“Favourite colour, food, school history, family stuff-” I interrupted the last with a laugh.
“Why would I tell them anything about my family? Besides, sounds like Jaimie nabbed the dysfunctional family card already,” I replied. Lana sighed and gave me that look, the one that said she thought I was being an idiot.
“So they don't know about how you were one of the smartest kids or that you tried to track down your birth-”
“No, Lana. They don't know any of it. Why should they? It's not really any of their business,” I said, my voice a little louder than probably needed. She faltered a little.
“You know, it's because you're so closed with people that you're still on that stuff,” she whispered and I felt my breathing stutter slightly.
“You thought I hadn't figured it out?” she asked. I couldn't answer.

The End

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