Rollar: SoberMature

It had been months since I'd gone a day sober but going a day sober and shopping was the worst thing I could put myself through. The reason I wasn't drinking was out of shock. Jaimie... he had liked the one thing I had hardly dabbled in and it was confusing. What was I meant to do with that news?

"You okay?" Jaimie asked and I jumped. He frowned at me and I was glad he couldn't see my eyes look down  cause of my sunglasses. "You haven't had a drink since last night"


"Is it cause of what I told you?" I looked down and fiddled with my nails feeling shyness swarm over me. I shrugged and Jaimie frowned at me touching my arm causing us to stop before he led me in an alley out of sight so the others wouldn't look back and see us. "Just forget about it" he said. "You didn't know but I thought you should cause of what happened"

I fely my eyes tear up. "I'm sorry" I choked out.

Jaimie sighed and shoved a hand back through his hair. "You didn't know" he said tilting my chin up so I looked at him. "Have a drink Rollar. I don't like seeing you like this"

I felt a little angry. "Like what? Sober where I'm actually me insecure and not into you"

Jaimie raised an eyebrow at that but I carried on who knows about what. After a while he kissed me. A hard force of his lips on mine then my back meeting the cold wall. I shiver feeling my arms slide around his neck then my hips arch into his. He pulls back just to whisper "Sure you aren't into me"

He was teasing me and strangely I liked it. I pulled back. "Shut up. I can't change your sexual attraction" I flush looking away then turning as I get my vodka out of my bag and take a sip. Jaimie smiles then slips an arm round my waist to pull me out of the alley.

Lana and Kyle were waiting and they both say Jaimie's arm round my waist before he pulled it back. "Something wrong?" Kyle asked.

"Not anymore" Jaimie smiled.

We all started to walk again. "I thought you said he was single" Lana whispered to Kyle but we all heard it.

"I am" Jaimie called to her. She looked back at us from him to me. I shrugged and turned to look somewhere else.

Reason being cause it hurt for Jaimie to say that. I mean it was true. We were just playing around but in a way I felt it was more then that even though I knew I was a substitute till Jaimie or Kyle got the guts to ask the other out.

You'd be surprised how much Jaimie talks in his sleep about me... and Kyle but more Kyle than me. As for Kyle her was as easy to read as a book. I shoved my hands in my pockets and watched my feet as we walked. Why did I come on this stupid damn shopping trip?

The End

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