Kyle: LanaMature

After realising the other two were staying upstairs I helped myself to seconds and found myself wondering why on earth I even bothered cooking breakfast. A spin through various channels did little to lift my boredom so I turned to my phone, finding a reminder text from Lana to meet up. I texted back the address. Rody had been against lovers, right? So there was no reason she couldn't come along. The slowest hour in history passed before the doorbell went.
“Thank god, I'm bored out of my mind,” I said as I opened the door. Lana raised a questioning eyebrow before stepping inside.

“What about your new band mates?” Lana said, her smile growing bigger at the last word. I waited for her to let it out of her system.
“I can't believe you've actually made it! You are in a band. An actual band, who's first single is a top seller. Oh my god, this is so crazy.” I plopped onto the sofa and let her continue ranting when she suddenly stopped mid-sentence.
“He's so much hotter in person,” she whispered. I turned to see that Jaimie was stumbling down the stairs, pulling a fresh shirt on and looking pretty...well, miserable. Kyle couldn't recall a time he'd ever seen Jaimie upset by something. Did the thing between him and Robin go up in smoke already?
“He's okay looking,” I replied with a shrug.

“I take offence to that,” Jaimie said as he grabbed a can from the fridge.
“Just saying, there's better looking out there,” I said, giving another shrug for emphasis, glad to see a more Jaimieish expression appear.
“Be careful, I might be tempted to take that as a challenge,” Jaimie said. I got up to grab my own can, shaking my head.
“You couldn't rise to that challenge,” I said as I passed him. I wasn't the type for flirting, but if it was helping him act normal then so be it. I didn't like the look of sad Jaimie. Surprise crossed his expression, which told me he really didn't expect this kind of thing from me.
“Not that I don't find cute gay boys flirting hot, but can I be introduced?” Lana interrupted, holding her hands out by her sides.

“I'm bi, FYI,” Jaimie said, sending Lana a wink.
“This is my best friend Lana, Jaimie,” I said, adding emphasis to the best friend part. Jaimie noted it and gave a small nod. That was a relief, I doubted I could actually manage to kick Jaimie ass if he hurt Lana.
“What have a missed?” Robin mumbled as she made her way down the stairs, dressed with wet hair sticking to her face.
“Kyle's friend, Lana,” Jaimie said by way of explanation. Robin mumbled a greeting and curled up in the corner of the sofa.
“So, why is Lana here, no offence meant,” Robin asked, clearly she was hungover. I wondered why she hadn't attacked the fridge for alcohol.
“I am here to drag Kyle shopping, since he claimed boredom,” Lana explained with a smile.
“Isn't that going from bad to worse?” Jaimie asked with a raised eyebrow. I simply shrugged.

“Up to you two if you want to join,” I said, heading upstairs to quickly grab my wallet, hoping Lana didn't get too interrogated about my past. Not that there was much to tell seeing as I was basically a geek.

The End

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