Rollar: TouchedMature

Kyle's tune was touching. I couldn't stop thinking about it as lyrics formed in my head. The tune was sort of upset but also low. Lyrics had come to me and every time we took a break I jotted them down while also noting them as to why I thought they'd work. I closed my book and looked at it.

The thing was starting to get full. I don't know why but I'd had so many ideas over the time me and.... me and Jaimie had been sleeping together. I flushed. "Robin!" Rody's voice snapped. I shoved my lyric book back into my bag before walking back to the microphone. "Concentrate" he said sternly looking at me in a very odd way that made me squirm. I merely nodded.

Jaimie frowned at well and a couple hours later we were heading back to the house. Kyle this time joined us. When we got back he rushed off upstairs. I frowned and turned to ask Jaimie about it but talking wasn't what was on him mind. His lips came down on my hot and firm. Every kiss turned my stomach round in circles.

What we had was nowhere near a relationship it was simple a hell of a lot of time in bed. Strangely I was starting to get bored of that. I turned my head away for air but Jaimie just drew me in by a grip on my hips so he could kiss up my neck till he captured my lips again.

"Jaimie" I said pushing him back just a little. I swallowed nervous as what I was about to say. "Not now"

He frowned cause yes it was odd. I was usually always in the mood but right now I just felt like lying on the sofa with a crap load of popcorn and a ton of movies. "Why not?" he asked.

"I don't know. I'm just not in the mood" I explained to him pulling away and heading for the kitchen. "Later maybe"

Once I got to the kitchen I found the alcohol and took a huge swing leaning on the fridge. I heard Jaimie head upstairs and relaxed moving to my room where I lay on the bed getting out of my head drunk. I even ignored Kyle saying dinner was ready.

I guess that's what drew Jaimie upstairs and into my room. "Hello" I said to him then started laughing. I didn't know why it was so funny. Jaimie chuckled and walked over sitting on my bed. I pounced on him pinning him down on the bed. His eyes went wide.

"Uh, okay.." he said.

"You're always in charge" I slurred tugging off my shirt and tying his hand together. "My turn" I barely got out before I was laughing again. I don't know what I did after that.

I just woke up and found Jaimie proper tied to the bed with no clothes and I was wearing a cat mask. Gosh, I went crazy when drunk I thought pulling it off.

I got up and my head was pounding. So what did I do? What I always did get another drink and sat on my dressing table looking at Jaimie. I had no idea what had gotten into me but I'd bitten and scratched him. Ugh, I was going to have to apologize. I went up and untied him which is when he woke up. I bit me lip.

"I'm seriously sorry about last night" I whisper.

The End

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