Rollar: FightMature

"Why haven't you been answering my calls?!" Joshua yelled down the phone. I automatically held the phone away from me ear with a wince. Wow, he really was angry. It had been three days since me and Jaimie had started sleeping together and we really were. Every night one of us would sneak into the others room then sneak out again before Kyle woke up.

I don't know why we hadn't called him. Something was going on between Jaimie and Kyle. I didn't poke my nose it even though I wanted it sorted out. I didn't dare breach the subject with Jaimie. The time we spent alone was at night.... in bed. Why was this happening to me? I was certain things would happen between Kyle and Jaimie if they did but again something was going on.

I did notice Jaimie's odd attitude though like wary. Like he felt someone was going to jump out at him and rip his life to pieces. I hadn't asked him about that either.

"-Are you listening to me?!" Joshua yelled as I zoned back into my current conversation.

I sighed down the phone. I'd been ignoring his calls for days hoping he'd get the drift. "Joshua..."


"Its just that being with you is nice but I'm not a commitment girl"

Joshua went deadly silent at the end of the line. I could hear his hard breathing. The main thing I was worried about was him being a reporter. "Are you breaking up with me?"

"I don't remember the discussion where we agreed to be a couple" I say irritated. "You just sprung it on me"

Joshua sighs. "I guess I did" he admits. "I'm sorry, Ro"

"Its not your fault. Its mine. Any other girl would love it"

Joshua chuckled his voice deep and soothing. "You're not every other girl, Ro" he says. "Look, if you don't want what we had to be a relationship okay but I do wanna keep seeing you... As friends"

I nibbled on my lip. "Okay" I agreed.

"Guess I will try my look else wear" he said which nibbled at me. How could he move on so easily after being so mad? This guy was a fricken rollar coaster.

"Yeah.." I said awkwardly. "Look I got to go" then I hung up. I did have to go in fact I noticed as I checked the time. It was practice again for our new song in building up our album. Our first one had released as a single and was doing quite well but Rody wanted to get on the album pronto.

'Can't think about touring without an album' he had said. Touring. We'd been together a few weeks and we were talking about touring. I sighed and headed out my room finding Jaimie alone in the lounge.

"Where's Kyle?" I question sitting in his lap. He shrugged his arms sliding round me as he kissed my neck. If this was something it would have seemed affectionate but really it was just about bed. I reached to the table and picked up my vodka. "You should stop stealing my stuff" I scolded him taking a swing. I'd started to see the dull reality of life so why not drink and be happy?

Well, I wasn't really happy.

The End

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