Don't call me cuteMature

I blinked once then twice as I watched Jaimies retreating back before decided that this time, I did not want to know. I glanced at my mobile again, three more missed calls, I was not going to talk to Liam, in fact maybe its time I took advantage of all the money we supposedly have. I needed fresh air anyway.
I grabbed a bus into town, pulling my hoodie up and round my face, I know Jaimie was the recognisable one, but I wasn't taking chances. I entered the first phone shop I saw and bought a new mobile, trading my old one in to cut off the price a little once I'd transferred across the contacts I was actually interested in. It was a little depressing to scroll down my list of old friends and not really feel the need to keep their numbers. I did keep one of course, now that I thought about I should probably call her.
I listened to the dial tone as I walked out into the street, kicking a cigarette butt as I walked.

“Hey, It's Lana, Say something important or shoo!” Her answer phone message said in her shrill, hyper voice, I couldn't help but smile at it.
“Have you ever heard of being normal? It's Kyle on a new number. Got some big news so call me back soon,” I said before hitting the end button. I shoved it into my jeans and glanced round the city centre, I'd never actually bothered to explore the place and now that I did I felt a little daunted. London was a lot bigger than the small town I'd grown up in. I mean I'd visited nearby cities, but they had nothing on this place. I decided to go to the nearest bar rather than look like clueless tourist. Inside my eyes were assaulted by strobe lights and my ears by drunken laughter and loud music.

“Well hey there. Your so cute I can't tell if your a guy or a girl,” A male voice drooled from my side and I felt my fist tighten slightly. I turned, hoping it's been some other person he'd been talking too but he was looking at me and there was way too little space between us.
“Piss off,” I said through clenched teeth. On second thoughts I preferred the house.
“Hey, wait, I didn't mean it in a mean way!” The guy yelled, but he too big and bulky to slide past the crowds and out the building as easily as me. For once being tiny and girl-like pays off.

“Well, if you go home now Jaimie's going to know something bothering you and bug you,” I mumble angrily to myself as I head back to the bus stop. Instead of getting the bus back to our area I nabbed one to Rody's building. Maybe one of the studios is free and I can attempt to write a song so that Rody won't kick me out of the band.

The End

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