Rollar: AffairMature

I was practicing the latest song in the studio when Jaimie just walked in. I flicked off the equipment and turned to him. I knew what he was here about. It was so easy to tell by the way he looked straight at me while his hands were nervously shoved in his pockets. He coughed looking at the floor for a moment before back at me. "I think we need to talk" he said slowly seeming to try to find the right words.

"I know" I said leaning against the studio wall.

Jaimie walked up so he stood at a friendly distance. Something within me didn't like that. That part wanted to grab him and have him right now but I ignored it also shoving my hands into my pockets. "What... What is this between us?"

"I don't know. It isn't anything serious if that's what you're worried about" I shrug watching him relax. "That was what you were worried about" I find myself laughing and see Jaimie roll his eyes.

"Look, I'm not wanting a relationship"

"I'm in a relationship already, Jaimie"

"So what's this? An affair?"

"..I guess so" I said after a moment of thought. Jaimie blinked watching me before bursting out laughing. "What?" I couldn't help the irritation in my voice.

"Nothing" he smirked. "How long have you bee with Joshua? A week?" I nodded. "And you're already cheating on him?"

"I didn't want to get into a relationship" I huffed.

"Then how?"

"Its not something I want to talk about" I say and walk up to kiss him. "If we're gonna call it some sort of affair then why stop now"

And we didn't stop.

The End

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