Kyle: Bad LiarMature

I'm such a bad liar. Now Jaimie knows I snooped. I don't want to know what he thinks of me right now. I reached into my bathroom cabinet and took twice my usual amount of pills. I know I'll regret it later but right now I just don't care. I sat on floor with my head in my hands and waited for them to take effect. Then I jumped at the sudden sound of my phone. I saw who it was and clicked ignore. Like hell I was talking to Liam right now. I stood up and headed downstairs. The living room and kitchen was empty, maybe Jaimie wanted to get away from me. Robin was probably in her room or something, sleeping off the hang over. Though if I was being honest I think her hang over would be serious, if she'd let it happen. Not that I can judge.

The door went and internally cursed. Can't I just be left alone for one day. I opened the door and tried to close it.
“Wait, at least let me apologise!” Liam shouted, shoving his foot between the door.
“You already did,” I replied, glaring openly. I didn't like that it made his lips quirk into a smile. Something he quickly replaced with a serious frown.
“But I thought you forgave me,” Liam said.
“I said it'd passed. It'll take more than sorry for me to forgive you,” I muttered. I left the door opened and walked into the living room. Since he was refusing to leave I might as well make this clear sooner rather than later.

“Liam, I want you to get the hell out of my life and stay there,” I said. Turning to face him head on. He paused mid-step with wide eyes. Then slowly sat down on the sofa, studying me the whole time.
“You don't mean that,” he replied. His voice calm and measured.
“I do,” I defended, crossing my arms. Liam stood up and closed the space between us quickly. I tried to back away but his lips found mine too quickly. I tried to pull away but the familiar feel of him and his smell stopped me. It ended too fast and he knew it.
“See, you still want me,” he whispered, half an inch between us.
“I did. But then you almost ruined everything. This band thing could be my only chance, you knw that. Yet you still called that journalist and-”

“This is the dick who did it?!” Jaimie's voice made me jump and Liam stepped back. I was grateful for the breathing space and backed away further.
“It was a joke,” Liam said with a shrug. He sent Jaimie a dirty look and returned his gaze to me.
“I can only say sorry so many times. The only other kind of apology I can give is in your room,” Liam replied with a playful grin. I blushed, very conscious that Jaimie was right there. Had he seen us kissing?
“Hey, dude. Kyle has made it clear he isn't interested. So go,” Jaimie said, standing between us.

“Why? So you can get him instead?” Liam said with a sneer.
“You can barely manage your own crap based on the wild things you've done. What makes you think you could take on Kyle's too? You do realise he does do drugs right? I tried to help him quit and the result was impossible,” Liam said and I felt an involuntary shiver at the memory. I couldn't help but note how he avoided that it was him who got me into them in the first place.
“Shut up. You're not a hero here. I said go, now leave. Or I'll call the police,” Jaimie said. The threat was enough and Liam glared before turning to leave, slamming the door as he did.

The End

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