JJ: Oh dear...Mature

Oops! Carter was definitely right: bad things happen when I get drunk. I frowned at myself. I'd never considered sleeping with someone a bad thing. I'm sure Dr. Browne would have a lot of fun with that. Rollar ran out of my room, swearing. I sat up, thinking about the previous night.

Last night had been fun, even before the sex. Kyle had eventually got into the party mood, after several beers. Was there a reason he picked S&M by Rihanna last night? There couldn't be. Could there? Carter used to play that to me all the time. It always really pissed me off.

I got up, pulling my boxers and jeans on before heading downstairs. I passed Kyle, ignoring him. I still needed to decide if he chose that song at random. Rollar was sat on the sofa, her head in her hands. She was obviously kind of upset.

"So..." I said quietly, my expression guarded.

"We slept together, didn't we?" she asked.

I nodded and she groaned, hiding her face in her hands once more. I sat down next to her, careful not to touch her in case she was really pissed at me.

"We were pretty drunk if that makes you feel better," I murmured. Had I lost the friendship we'd made?

"I'm always drunk. Oh gosh, I cheated on Joshua."

And there's the reason I don't do relationships. Well, one of the reasons. I shifted uncomfortably.

"I can't really apologise for what happened."

"Why?" she asked, frowning at me. Well, I was drunk, wasn't I?

I couldn't help my small grin. "Well, I sort of... enjoyed it... a lot. Didn't you?"

She nodded silently. I don't know what came over me, but I kissed her. After a few moments, she pushed me away. I let myself be pushed.

She was about to say something, probably along the lines of, "Get the hell away from me," but that wasn't what she said.

"I think we should keep this a secret. It wouldn't be good on anyone knowing," she whispered. Well, that was unexpected.

I nodded, before kissing her again. She returned the kiss this time. I don't know how long we sat there for, but she pulled away when we heard Kyle getting up. Rollar mumbled something about a shower. I got up and wandered to the kitchen. I was on my fourth bowl of cereal by the time Kyle came downstairs.

"Jaimie, thanks for the party last night," he said, smiling. "I actually enjoyed it."

Okay, this was my chance to ask him, now or never.

"You're welcome. Was there a particular reason you chose S&M by Rihanna to sing on the karaoke?" I tried to ask it as nonchalantly as possible. Not sure if it worked.

Kyle blushed a deep pink. "No reason," he mumbled. "Just an interesting song."

Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap... That was exactly what Carter had said when he'd found out. But... Kyle couldn't know. Could he? At what point would he have found out, and how? Then I remembered the other day. He wanted to borrow my razor, but he seemed panicked and breathless when I went up there. He must have opened the box. I watched him carefully as he moved around the kitchen.

He blushed again when he turned and caught me watching him.

The End

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