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The party started off calm but when everyone else had a few more drinks in them the idea of karaoke came out. I couldn't stop laughing as Joshua and Kyle tried to sing in key to Rihanna. It was her song S&M and when Kyle picked it out Jaimie had tensed. I just assumed he didn't like Rihanna. Neither did I.

Her music wasn't to my tastes but a crazy Kyle yelled it at the top of his lungs. Especially the micky take of the 'sticks and stones' saying.

"I'm getting more alcohol from my room" I yelled to everyone stumbling to my feet. I headed up to my room and grabbed a bottle of vodka out of my fridge. Taking a huge swigs I turned on my heels heading back. I bumped into Jaimie by his room spilling drink on my shirt. "Aw, now I'm gonna have to change" I complained. 

"I could help you" Jaimie slurred in an attempt to flirt. It sort of worked though cause soon we were sharing a messy heated kiss as Jaimie pressed me up to the wall. His hands roamed and so did mine. 

By the time we got into his room I'd lost my shirt and he'd lost his along with his jeans. Then reaching the bed nothing was left...


My head hurt. I was sober and had a hangover. I groaned rolling over and colliding into a very tall muscular body. To big and to strong to be Joshua. This guy didn't seem to care pulling me to him and mumbling. I forced open my eyes and then froze. "Oh crap!" I swore scrambling to my feet. I grabbed all my clothes and went to my room before actually pulling them on.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and took several hug gulps. I stared at my completely shocked face in the mirror then slumped onto my bed. Finally I felt like I had to head downstairs so I did finding a scribbled note from Joshua about heading home this morning. Kyle was asleep on the floor and it looked like someone had slept on the couch which had to be Joshua. Since everyone else was accounted for. I slumped down onto the sofa letting my face fall into my hand.

The next thing I knew Kyle was waking up and a thump sounded from upstairs. "Did I sleep on the floor?" Kyle groaned rubbing his back as he got up. I nodded and he sighed. "Ouch" 

He headed upstairs just as Jaimie got downstairs in his jeans. Kyle didn't seem to notice but neither boy was paying attention to the other. Jaimie was looking at me and I was looking back. "So..." he said. I couldn't tell how he was feeling. 

"We slept together didn't we" I muttered. He nodded and I groaned then let my head fall back into my hands. 

He sat next to me. "We were pretty drunk if that makes you feel better"

"I'm always drunk" I point out. "Oh gosh, I cheated on Joshua"

Jaimie shifted. "I can't really apologize for what happened" 

"Why?" I frowned looking at him.

He grinned a little. "Well, I sort of... enjoyed it.. a lot. Didn't you?" he questioned. I nodded quietly and a moment later Jaimie kissed me. I started to kiss back. I felt my fingers tingle to reach out which they did but I used them to push him back.

My first thought was to say 'No we shouldn't do this' but that wasn't really what ended up coming out. "I think we should keep this a secret. It wouldn't be good on anyone knowing" I muttered.

Jaimie nodded then drew me back to him kissing me again. We kissed till we heard Kyle get up. I went up to my room to get a shower while he stayed downstairs to eat having got the munchies from his hangover.

What was I doing?

The End

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