Rollar: I thinkMature

"I think.."

"Think what, Joshua?" I asked as I restocked my fridge. I'd gotten him to sneak over with my bike. Not that he knew how to ride the thing. He'd brought it over on his trailer. As well as the bike I'd made him bring various bottles of alcohol.

He walked over and span me round after I put away my last bottle. "I think its time I met your group" he said firmly. I opened my mouth but he held up a finger to signal he wasn't finished so I closed my mouth. "I think that I've proved my intentions honest, Ro. Don't you?"

I sighed heavily and turned away to padlock my fridge. "It's not that I don't trust you-"

"Then what is it?" he interrupted. I shot him a glared but he just kept looking back with a stern gaze.

Frustrated I clenched my fists. "My manager isn't going to approve is he? And before you say 'so?' just remember he has my career in his hands"

"So I cant meet your group cause your manager doesn't like journalists? I won't say I am one then"

"I still snuck out to meet you"

"You're a grown women!" he snapped which is when the door opened. Kyle's head poked round the door a question on his lips. When he saw Joshua he closed his mouth. Confusion went over his face and he shifted awkwardly.

"C-Can you keep it down please?" he whispered then raced out. 

I groan letting my face fall into my hands. "You got your wish. May as well not hide in my room" I grumbled grabbing a bottle of vodka and taking a swig. After I took Joshua's hand and lead him downstairs to a waiting audience.

"Well, well" Jaimie said cheekily. "I thought I was gonna be the first to break the rules. When did you sneak out?"

"Not long ago" I grumbled.

Joshua stepped forward holding out his hand. "I'm Joshua" he introduced shaking both Jaimie and Kyle's hand. "Nice to meet you"

I rolled my eyes and went to sit in the armchair tucking my legs under me in a mood. I don't know why but I didn't want Joshua to be involved in my work life. Hell, I was still a little uncomfortable with what was between me and him was classed as a relationship. As I sat quietly as Joshua seemed to bond with Kyle.

Now that just worried me more. "You okay?" Jaimie asked quietly. 

"Yeah.... I'm fine" I whispered.


I woke up grumpy. Joshua had gone home after a few drinks and it was to the annoying ringtone he'd set himself that I woke. "What?" I groaned down the phone.

"You're still asleep? Blimey" he chuckled. I looked at the clock seeing it was 12 o'clock. I then listened quietly for a moment.

"No one else is up so I'm okay"

Joshua laughed. "Thanks for introducing me to your band, Ro" he said. "Don't worry nothings going in the papers"

"Good" I muttered. "Look, Joshua, I have to talk about something-"

"Can it wait till later my break just finished?"

I heaved a heavy sigh. "Sure" I grumbled hearing the line go dead. This was another reason I didn't like relationships cause you had to deal with shit. Getting to my feet I stumbled downstairs. I was halfway through making coffee when Kyle got up followed by Jaimie. 

Kyle came downstairs just in time to hear the thump of Jaimie falling out of bed. He shook his head and sat down for coffee. "Its too early" he muttered and for once I agreed.

The End

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