Kyle: Snooping is bad...Mature

I exchanged a look with Robin and shrugged. If she didn't get that Jaimie had weird quirks by now, she never would. Was I curious about the box? Yes. But I didn't like snooping into others privacy. I made a point of ignoring the niggling part of me that was yelling at me to snoop anyway.
I slumped on the sofa and grabbed the remote, flicking through channels in boredom. Then the phone rang and I pulled it out, hoping it wasn't Rody again. I was not in the mood to deal with his anger tantrums. I'm just glad he didn't follow through on his threat when Robin ran a little late.
“What do you want,” I asked, not caring who got offended.
“Wow, someone's in a bad mood. Guess you got my early birthday present,” Liam said on the other end.

“Early birthday present? What are you-” I cut myself off and headed to my room fast. I didn't want Robin overhearing the amount of expletives I shot down the phone.
“Wow, so you really liked it,” He said. I felt my fists curl up and wished he was here in person so I could slug him.
“Don't call me again,” I yelled, reaching to end the call.
“Oh? I thought you kind of wanted to restart something...” He said, freezing me.
“That depends on how sorry you are,” I replied sharply. Trying to ignore the side of me that growing excited.
“Extremely, I honestly thought you'd take it as a joke,” He murmured down the phone. I wish he was here in person so I could tell if he was lying or not.
“A joke? Whoever you told tried to bribe money from my producer, I almost lost my shot!” I yelled. Now it was his turn to swear.
“I thought that guy was kidding when he'd say he'd get a good pay day for it...” He trailed off.

“What did you think would happen when you went talking to journalists?” I snapped.
“I don't...I'm sorry,” He replied, voice sounding small. It was the voice he'd always put on when he wanted me to forgive him. To kiss and make-up. I was as helpless to it now as I was then.
“Don't worry about it, it's passed now,” I said. Then I hung up, not wanting to hear another sorry. I cursed when I glanced in the bathroom and remembered I'd thrown the blade out after yesterday, telling myself I wouldn't do that again. I headed downstairs and saw Jaimie in the kitchen.
“Hey, I lost my shaver, can I borrow yours?” I asked.
“You trying to hoard things I own?” he joked, though the laugh he gave off sounded too forced. And I was pretty sure this was the first thing I'd borrowed from him.

“Sure,” He said with a wave, then he returned to starring at an unopened bottle of vodka.
“You know, based on yesterday, do you think that's a good idea?” I asked as I walked up the stairs. He muttered something but I didn't hear it. I wanted to hurry and find that razor. I found it easily and turned to head back to my room, then I caught the box. He'd hidden under the bed but not very well.
“Snooping is bad,” I reminded myself, squeezing my eyes shut in an attempt to shove the idea away.
“But I do want to know...and it's not like I'd tell anyone else...” I trailed off, slowly convincing myself. Finally I sat down and studied the box. It didn't seem especially special. I lifted the lid.
“Oh god...” Where did a person get half of this stuff?! I didn't even realise people like this really existed.

“Kyle, wait I just remembered-” I stopped listening and replaced the box fast. I ran to my room and re-emerged in time for when he hit the top of the staircase.
“I found it in the end, so you can have this back. Sorry,” I said, handing the razor back. I returned to my room without hearing his response and slid to the floor. Strange how shock can chase away any dark urges easily.

The End

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