Rollar: Morning CallMature

I woke to my phone ringing. "Hello?" I answered grumpily hearing Joshua groan next to me. I also noticed he was naked but I didn't have any time to think further to the obvious meaning of it.

"Get down to my office now!" a voice yelled down the phone. I winced and saw Joshua open a sleepy eye as well. I checked the id seeing Rody's name and then put the phone back to my ear cautiously. "Get down here now. We have a leak"

The phone then went dead and I looked at Joshua. "What?" he said sitting up.

"Apparently we have a leak..." I said slowly.

"And you think I would do that to you" 

He tried to reach to touch my cheek but I leaned away. "You are a journalist" I pointed out. "A lot of people say you shouldn't trust a journalist"

Angrily he sat up. "Fine, your clothes are over there" he said turning to leave. I quickly reached out to grab his wrist.

"Wait, Joshua, I'm sorry"

He looked back at me and sighed moving back onto the bed. "You should trust me more, Ro" he said using the nickname he'd put to me. I actually was flattered he wanted to give me a nickname. 

"I know" I say then kiss him. We fell back onto the bed making a mess of the sheets again. I didn't care if I was confused about my feelings. 


"What's up everybody?" I say walking in. 

Kyle looked at me nervously while Jaimie just glanced at me briefly. Apparently he hadn't been too drunk to forget what he'd done. "A journalist is threatening us"

"Not just threatening but putting us on the edge of ruin!" he yelled.

"Calm down" I winced deciding to keep my glasses on. I took a swig of my drink which Rody then snatched out of my hands. "Hey!"

"This is no time for your silly addictions" he hissed. 

"Surely you have the money this guy is asking for" Jaimie sighed.

Rody turned on him and I was glad I wasn't in Jaimie's place. If looks could kill Jaimie wouldn't just be dead he'd be burning alive. "Its not about that" he almost growled. "If we pay then we will end up targets. If we don't then whoever of you is a drug head will be ridiculed"

We all went quiet and Rody opened his mouth to speak. "I need the toilet" I interrupted and rushed out. In the bathroom I dialed Joshua.

"Hey, Ro" he said. "I'm sort of at work"

"I know... I was hoping for a favor"

"Really?" he chuckled. "What with?"

"Someone's trying to rob us of money to not release some bad press" I muttered. Joshua clicked his tongue in thought.

"Can't tell me what I'm guessing?"

I sighed. "Sorry"

"Don't worry. There is only one slimeball I know that could do this" he said. "Talk in a mo"

I headed back to the room which was tense and awkward for a while Rody just raged at us. That was until his assistant knocked on his door. "Sir?"

"What?!" he said. 

She swallowed nervously. "There is someone on the phone for you. Its... something for private discussion"

Rody tensed then marched out of the room. The moment he left both me and Jaimie looked at Kyle who shifted awkwardly in his seat. "Anything you'd like to tell us?" I questioned.

"I didn't talk to anyone" he said in a panicked voice. He was being honest we could both tell and Jaimie sighed annoyed. His eyes fell on me but I looked away quickly before I blushed.

Rody came back in and I relaxed. "You can all go" he said simply. We all left quickly. Thank you, Joshua.

The End

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