Kyle: ThreatsMature

I watched Jaimie head very quickly to my room without speaking. Since when did he and Robin happen? I glanced around the room and took in all the alcohol.
“Ah,” I said. I let out a long sigh and grabbed a black bag. A trip to the skip and some air might help me a little. After I bagged all the glass I went outside to find the car was missing. How the hell did she get home? I didn't have a chance to really think on that as my phone went off. A glance at the ID told me it was Chrissie.
“Hey,” I answered.
“Hey Kyle, look I don't know what's going on, but Rody's screaming down the halls and wants you all in ASAP,” She said, worry tingeing her voice. Well the timing of that is just brilliant I thought.

“Well, Robins gone out to I-don't-where and Jaimies kinda...incapacitated,” I replied.
“What did he do, drink himself to sleep?” she joked
“Pretty much,” I replied deadpan.
“Oh...well someone has to get down here...” She trailed off anxiously.
“Well the cars missing, so your going to have to send someone to pick me up,” I said with a sigh.
“I'll be over in ten,” She said, then the line went dead. I just knew this was going to be so much fun. I found myself wondering if it's good for my health to be this internally sarcastic when headlights invade my vision.
“Hurry. I swear the vein on Rody's forehead is going to pop if we don't get there fast,” She muttered the last bit.

“Jeez, what the hells going on?” I asked. She shifted uncomfortably and started the car.
“Not allowed to tell me?” I asked, eyebrow raised in confusion.
“Not really, and I don't actually know much. Some guy called, I passed him to Rody like he asked. Next thing I know Rodys swearing left, right and centre,” Chrissie said. This wasn't sounding good. Guy? Oh crap, was it Liam? But wait, Rody wouldn't get this mad about one guy coming round the house surely? And I swear we didn't tell him anything he shouldn't know.
Chrissie pulled into the staff parking under the building and I followed her to the elevator. She hit the button for the fourth floor and we zoomed up. I emerged into a bland corridor, like any you'd find in an office building. There were oak doors along the walls either side and further down an open area filled with desks. Chrissie led me away from there and to the end door. She knocked gently and the door opened an instant later. I'd never noticed Rody even had a vein that throbbed on his forehead until that moment.
“Where are the others?!” Rody bellows and I backed up a step.

“Robins gone off my radar and Jaimies passed out, I think,” I explained, somehow managing not to stutter under his glare.
“Brilliant!” Rody yelled. He clearly meant that.
“I'll be in my office, second door on the left,” Chrissie whispered.
“You are not abandoning me are you?” I whispered back franticly. She shrugged with an apologetic look, hands spread out in a helpless gesture, before giving me a thumbs up for good luck.
“Get in!” Rody shouted from his desk. Though nowhere near loud enough to leave my ears ringing. I walked in and chose to only close the door over rather than shut it. I wanted the chance to scream and be saved.
“What's going on?” I asked calmly. Rody sent me a dirty look. How was that necessary?
“Which one of you idiots have been talking to journalists?” He asked, somehow reigning in the volume of his voice. I felt my mouth actually fall open, I quickly snapped it up.
“Not me,” I replied, arms raised up in front of me.
“Well duh,” he snorted. What did that mean?

“Your the most rational of the lot from what I can see. Do all good artists need to be dumb or something?” he replied and I tried not to wince at the jab.
“I hadn't played in months when you contacted me,” I said. Not that he really cared about my excuses. He shook his head and closed the distance between us, somehow I didn't back away and out the door.
“Tomorrow morning we are having a meeting about this. You better make sure Robin and that twat Jaimie are there, or your out,” He growled. I felt my body stiffen at the threat.
“Fine,” I replied, teeth clenched.
“What did they even want?” I asked as I turned to leave. Because I figure I couldn't push my luck anymore than I apparently had.

“Money, a lot of it,” He grunted in response. I didn't ask if he had or hadn't paid it and just left. I tried to think who had disappeared the most and it was mostly Robin. But I'm pretty sure she has more brains than me. I felt a bubble of laughter leave my lips once I was on the streets. Rody had said I was rational, guess he hadn't quite caught onto the drugs thing. I can't believe I might be kicked out as a result of this crap. I grabbed a bus and got home quickly enough. Jaimie was still in his room so I headed to mine. I shut the door and slide down it into a heap on the floor.
“Not even drugs are going to help with this,” I said bitterly. Then my eyes fell on the razor sitting innocently on my sink. I hadn't really used it since coming here. I stood up and walked over, picking the thin piece of metal up and staring at the wafer-thin blade. Why the hell not?

The End

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