Rollar: Getting a bikeMature

I drove to a bike shop where I abandoned the car for a pretty awesome black bike. I called up Rody's assistant who said she'd get someone to pick it up before I drove off. As I rode through the streets I felt better. When I rode a bike it didn't matter if I was sober cause the freedom of riding a motorbike made me feel free.

Feeling the power of the bike under me made me feel better. I didn't need alcohol to be confident. The bike gave me confidence. As I pulled into the driveway though I felt the power slip out of my fingers like water. Getting off I took my bag out of the safety box on the back so I could get the vodka out. I felt the buzz slip down my throat as I drank and wandered into the house.

As I got in though I was surprise to find I wasn't the only one trying to get off my head. In fact Jaimie was already off his head. He was singing at the top of his lungs while moving round the living room. I was assuming he was trying to dance. 

I shook my head then noticed the bottles on the table. "HEY!" I yelled storming up and shoving him. "You went in my fridge!"

Jaimie laughed or more giggled to himself before looking at me. "Well, I finished what was in the cupboard"

Clenching my fists I was so tempted to knock out a few teeth but instead I just stomped my foot and stormed out. I kicked my cupboard and grunted in regret as a shooting pain went up through my toes. How dare he go into my room?! How dare he?!

I went over to my fridge and found it almost empty spare two vodka bottles. "Great!" I said turning to head out again as I passed through the living room Jaimie grabbed hold of me. "Get off" I struggled as he tried to dance with me.

"C'mon just one dance" he slurred.

"You're really off your head. I'm not gonna encourage you" 

He giggled again then kissed me sloppily. My eyes went wide. Then my hand came up and a moment later Jaimie stumbled back with a very red cheek. For a moment I just stared at him. 

"What's going on?" Kyle said sleepily as he came into the living room looking between us. I felt like my skin was crawling. I couldn't take it so I legged it sliding onto my new bike and pulling on my helmet before I rode off.

I kept driving. I even drove past the closest off-license which had been my original destination. Instead I kept driving till I felt my head was straight. It wasn't though cause as I walked into a off-license on the other side of the city as I paid at the counter I touched my lips.

My heart jumped a bit. Which couldn't be right... could it...

The End

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