Kyle: LiamMature

I saw Robin's eyes widen in surprise slightly at Jaimie's mention of appointment, but chose not to ask about it. Maybe she hated needles or something. I wasn't exactly a fan of them either. Which is probably a good thing. I didn't like to mix my drugs. Rody finally let us leave, with clear instruction not to be late tomorrow. And to make sure we tell Jaimie the same thing. I think Rody might be starting to dislike Jaimie a little. He was a little reckless I guess.

“You getting in?” Robin asked from the drivers window.
“Nah, feel like taking a walk,” I replied. She shrugged.
“Suit yourself.” I'm pretty sure she was driving in the wrong direction. Maybe she'd hoped I'd say no so she could meet with someone. At least she'll be in a good mood now, not that she was exactly mopey, she just didn't talk to anyone much. I decided to head home through the park, glad it wasn't dark. I imagine it'd be dangerous to walk around then.
“Wow, you really can run into anyone here.” I froze at the voice and turned to see him. Liam looked exactly the same. Cleverly styled brown hair and piercing grey eyes.
“Liam...hey,” I said. Trying not to think too much about my lazy appearance.
“Hi, how goes the band thing?” he asked.

“Okay I guess,” I shrugged. We hadn't even finished recording our first album, how was I meant to know if we were doing well?
“What are you're other bandmates like? I heard that Jaimie guy's a real piece of work,” He said and I felt a small spark of anger.
“Maybe you should meet him before you make assumptions like that,” I replied. Not that he was perfect, but I doubt he's as bad as some articles have made him out to be. Liam raised an eyebrow and studied me for a few seconds and laughed.
“You already got pulled in and slept with the guy then?” he asked and I felt my cheeks burn red.

“No. He's my friend. Not that you have any right to ask that kind of question,” I said through clenched teeth. Why was he always like this?
“Sure, whatever. But I'd liked to meet them. Could be fun,” He said and I felt my jaw stiffen. Hadn't Rody said something about not bringing people to the house? But maybe I could get Liam to spend more time with me this way. Maybe we', I couldn't get hopeful.
“Sure, follow me,” I said. Liam didn't say anything else, which I was grateful for. Though I did catch him glancing my way every so often. Admittedly I was doing it a little. It'd been a long time since I'd seen him but he still looked as good. And me? I'm pretty sure my hair's a complete mess and I was hiding in a hoodie.

“Still on the drugs then?” Liam whispered and I blushed a little. Of course, thats what he was looking for. Silly of me to think otherwise.
“It's not really you're business anymore,” I replied. Had he forgotten it was him who had gotten me on them in the first place?

The End

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