Rollar: Shh!Mature

Later that afternoon a knock came on my window. I jumped up stumbling over. "Joshua" I said peering into the darkness with squinted eyes. Joshua smiled walking up and kissing me slowly but I pulled away. "What are you doing in my garden?"

"Coming to see you... can I come in? Its quite cold"

I rolled my eyes and stood back so he could try to squirm in through the window. "You shouldn't be here" I said almost slurring. I coughed looking away embarrassed. Joshua's eyes flowed across the empty bottles standing on every surface they could. His eyes seemed to go a little pained at the sight which I thought was just silly. Its not like I wasn't allowed to drink. "Why are you here?"

"To see you" he said smiling at me half heartedly. I raised an eyebrow and he sighed. "Okay, it is a bit of shock how much you drink and I know my arrival is a bit of weird thing but you weren't replying"

I checked my phone and mouth formed a small 'o' at the amount of unread texts. "I didn't know you had text me"

"Obviously" he smiled taking my hand and pulling me back over. "So, about me being in your room"

I burst into giggles just as someone knocked on the door. I put a hand over my mouth and Joshua who smiled cheekily. "Robin?" Kyle's voice said. "Um, Rody wants us in early tomorrow"

"Okay" I said and then heard Kyle's retreating footsteps. I hit Joshua. "And that's why you don't just pop over. Secret remember"

"Promise" he winked. Something stirred uncomfortably within me but I kissed him instead of listening to the small inkling within me saying something wasn't right. Well, what we were doing broke the rules. So maybe it was that. Yeah, it had to be that.


"So" Rody began.

"Um, can I just quickly say something?" Jaimie jumped in. I let out a long yawn and Kyle looked at me confused. I smiled sheepish because they had both thought I'd taken an early night when I'd not come out of my room but really I hadn't done much sleeping at all.

"What is it?" Rody said annoyed bristling a little.

"I have to go for an appointment" Jaimie said. The way he said appointment reminded me of something but when I was sober like this thinking hurt so I couldn't put my mind to it.

Rody shook his head. "Well go then" he said obviously angry. Jaimie rushed out and then it hit me. 

It reminded me of how my best friend had said appointment. Blimey, Jaimie had a shrink...

The End

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