Kyle: Caller IDMature

I couldn't keep letting Rody get to me. Why couldn't I respond like Jaimie did? Just not caring about any of it. I shook my head and ignored the strange looks I got from strangers on the street. Was I already becoming recognisable? I returned to the house, annoyed that the walk had done nothing to ease my annoyance today. I was too on edge. Was I already growing immune to the tablets effects? I headed straight to the bathroom and grabbed another just to be on the safe side. Then headed to the kitchen.
“You okay?” I glanced over my shoulder and saw Robin leaning over the sofa. Had I been that obviously upset?
“I'm fine,” I murmured in response. She didn't say anything else so I figured she bought it. I hated the taste of coffee, but I needed it to stay alert. Rody liked to drop things on us out of nowhere. Like a new song we had to learn overnight. My phone buzzed on the counter next to me and I gave it cursory glance before I noticed the caller ID.

“I'll be the in the garden!” I said far to loudly to Robin, who gave me a raised eyebrow. Why the hell was he calling?
Once I was outside and out of any possible earshot – I hoped – I clicked the accept button. I stood there with the phone to my ear in silence, wondering if maybe I'd waited to long.
“Are you there?” I felt myself physically calm my breathing before responding to the familiar voice.
“Yes. What do you want?” the words sounded harsh but I had to distance myself here.
“Wow, not seen each other in what....a few weeks? And that's how you act?” He replied and I felt my teeth grit just a little at his casual tone. Of course he can act cool and calm, he was the one who did the dumping.
“Four months actually. How's Dick?” I asked, not letting myself feel petty for the easy stab.

“Richard is fine, and as it turns out, assured he is completely straight,” He said and we both failed not to laugh.
“What a shame. He was half-decent looking too,” I said when it died down. I didn't want to think about what he'd say next, doing so might make me too hopeful. But then again...did I even want to be with him? If I used Jaimie logic, I was about to have my pick of guys.
“Is it true you got into a signed band?” he asked, voice incredulous.
“Yeah,” I replied. Maybe making myself sound a little too proud there. But I guess he didn't need to know the truth.
“Nice.”. An awkward silence took over the call and I realised he was struggling to find words. Which for him was...rare.

“Maybe I can go see you guys live at some point. It'd be nice to catch up,” He finally said. We exchanged goodbyes and the call ended.
“That was...weird,” I murmured as I put the phone away. Then again, I guess it wasn't. Liam had always been a big fan of rock music. Maybe the amusement when he asked was because he knew I was never that interested in the genre? I needed to stop analysing the call. I was over him, and now he'd gotten dumped. Karma was a bitch.

The End

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