Rollar: Sneaking OutMature

I hadn't been a huge rebel. Before I had my first drink of alcohol I was a quiet girl studying to be a doctor. I had wanted to be a doctor cause I'd lost both my parents to cancer by the time I was 16 which is when I started drinking.

For the next two days I found myself the last to go to bed and then always the first to wake up. Jaimie spent more time in his room moping then actually coming out to practice. It was by Sunday night that I finally decided that enough was enough I grabbed my keys and a bag together before slipping out of my window. I didn't want any of the guys seeing me and snitching on me. Although, I was guessing Jaimie would more want to tag along.

While we were getting on better I still didn't want to go to a club with him. I caught a taxi further down the road from the house heading into town. I went to the first bar I saw and headed straight over to get a drink. "Vodka and tonic" I ordered with a smile. 

"Hey" a guy smiled moving to stand next to me. "I think I recognise you"

"Do you?" I smirked paying for my drink and swirling it round in the glass. I turned to watched the guy next to me and took a slow sip as I looked him up at down. His eyes were like melted chocolate but his hair was much much darker. 

He chuckled ordering himself a drink. "Yeah, I know who you are. You're that new singer for Rody Olivers' band" he grinned over at me. 

I rolled my eyes. "I wouldn't call it his band" I muttered leaning back on the bar and taking a long swig feeling the tingle run through my veins.

"Oh really?" the man questioned. "He's already named the band you know. It was 'Blood Moon' or something like that"

"Huh?" I said gripping my glass tighter.

"Guess he didn't tell you" the man hummed before leaning over with a smile. "Anyway, my name is Joshua"

"Nice to meet you, Joshua. I'm Robin but you can call me Rollar" 

"Rollar? Why is that?" he chuckled.

I smiled finishing my drink and moving to order another round but Joshua got in there first. The action was sweet and I found myself swaying towards him but I needed to keep myself off the media radar. "Its just what my brother use to call me. I always rolled on to another day" I couldn't help but smile as I said that but then I shook my head. 

Joshua hummed and handed me my drink. I gripped it tightly in my hand as I watched him. "So are you out long?"

"Not long. I just wanted to get away from the house" I shrugged. "I mean I lived with guys for years but living with those guys is a little more tough"

"How so?"

"You ask a lot of questions"

"Well, I am a journalist" he said then saw me tense. He laughed shaking his head trying to reassure me. "Don't worry. This isn't an interview. I'm here to relax right now not work"

I narrowed my eyes at him watching him give me this sheepish smile. He also looked like he regretted telling me he was a journalist so I relaxed. "Non of this is going anywhere"

"Only if you go somewhere with me" he smiled.

Embarrassed I downed my drink and then gave Joshua a small smile.


"Where have you been?" Jaimie questioned as I tried to tiptoe past the living room to my room. 

"Uh, nowhere" I said then raced to my room to get to my mini fridge. I took several swigs off the bottle before the fuzziness fell over my head. I leant against the wall closing my eyes and thinking about last night. 

It turned my cheeks pink and I'd made sure to check the papers this morning when I'd woke up to find Joshua gone this morning. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out to find two texts. One from Rody and another from Joshua.

The one from Rody merely informed a car was coming to pick us up to record the first son of our album.

While Joshua's made me smile, 'Hope you can get out again soon. Our little secret promise x'

I flushed. "Car's here" Jaimie called through the house so I quickly pushed my phone into my pocket and headed out to go catch the car to the studio.

The End

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