Kyle: A New FaceMature

The posh family kind of explained a lot as far as I could tell. I didn't really know what to think of the Latin, I'd never been able to learn another language. I felt Robin growing bored of the TV and eventually she stood up and left. To be honest I was getting bored too. Nothing interesting was on and I could feel the haze fading a little I headed to the smallest of the rooms. Which wasn't that small really. Much bigger than my old one anyway. I rummaged through the en suite bathroom's cabinets and took another pill. Guessed it was two a day then based on the fact it's a little past midday. The doorbell drew my attention and I opened it to a women with long blond curls and cleverly done make-up.

“I've got some boxes of stuff in my car. Rody told me to drop them off for Kyle,” She said and I recognised her voice as the PA I hadn't actually seen. I'd kind of assumed it was the receptionist but apparently not. In person her voice wasn't so perky though, maybe she'd have a long day? It sounded slightly husky too and I could smell cigarette smoke on her breath. Better make sure Jaimie doesn't meet her, Rody made it clear we had to keep our “behaviours” in check.

“I'm Kyle,” I said. She didn't sound surprised and gestured for me to follow her to her boot. It was two boxes, one was slightly bigger so I grabbed that. I got the feeling his PA didn't appreciate being made to do manual labour.

“Nice place,” she said once the boxes were dumped outside my bedroom door.

“I guess, what's your name?” I asked. Because I hated not knowing peoples names.

“Chrissie,” She replied, with something of a genuine smile.

“So I'm going to hazard a guess your gay, 'cause cute guys always seem to be,” She said, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow. I felt myself blush and nodded. I had to fight the urge to stutter an apology.

“Damn. I barely get any free time to actually meet a guy as it is, and now that you guys have turned up Rody has me doing things for you 24/7. I'm already booking venues and dates for your first tour. Don't panic, not for a while yet,” She said. Good to hear it wasn't soon. I didn't think the panic had shown but there was worry. I didn't even know if we worked well yet. Based on the first session we had a ways to go.

“Sorry for eating up your free time. Though if he has you on babysitting duty right now we could just go out,” I suggested. Honestly any excuse to leave the house. And Chrissie looked like she'd be a good friend. She let out a small laugh.

“Caught onto Rody's paranoia there? But sadly, I have a ton of paperwork to sort through back at the office. But maybe next time you go to the studio you should stick your head in and say hi. Maybe I can get off early or something,” She said. She held up a hand and headed for the door.

“Bye,” I replied as the door shut.

“Who's that?” I heard Jaimie ask from behind. I just let out a sign and held back the urge to remind him of the contract. Instead I walked outside to find a pool. Which would be great except we live in Britain and the weather is rarely warm enough for it to be used. I just grabbed one of the nearby seats and watched the clouds. Looked like they'd be a thunderstorm tonight.

The End

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