Rollar: HouseMature

When we got to the house I admit I was impressed. I put my stuff down in the biggest bedroom which Kyle didn't protest against but I wasn't sure about Jaimie. He was late and I guess this was going to become his thing because this was the second time in a row.

It was when I found the huge tv in the living room and then our own studio that I began to believe this really was a home for the rich and famous. 

It was odd when Rody arrived before Jaimie but I guess that was cause the guy was finding it hard to leave his bed. When Kyle came to the living room its obvious he noticed Jaimie's absence too. "Shouldn't we wait till Jaimie gets here?" Kyle asked noticing the glass I was holding.

It was a vodka tonic and I'd found the stash of booze in the mini fridge in my room. Rody waved a hand. "It doesn't matter if he is here" he merely says. "I will wait till he gets down here to tell him his restriction"

"Restriction?" I frowned twirling my drink.

"Yes" Rody said looking at me firmly then indicating my drink. "I see you found the mini bar. The consequences of that staying is you keep it in the house" he turned his sharp gaze on Kyle. "That's the same with you. I don't want either of you getting in the eye of the media in a negative way. You need to have a good image if this is going to work"

"You're not my dad" I said annoyed taking a swig. 

"I may not be but as from the contract you agreed to these terms" Rody smirked causing me to almost splutter out my drink. That was when we heard the front door open and Jaimie wandered in to find me and Kyle looking like wounded puppies. 

"O-kay" Jaimie said leaning against the door frame. "What have I missed that's got you guys looking like the world has ended?"

"You've not missed anything that concerns you" Rody said pinning Jaimie almost against the door. "Although, your condition will now be slept. No one. No hookers. No girls. No guys"

"Dude, you can't tell me what to do" Jaimie said standing straight.

"I can cause those conditions were in your contract" Rody said causing Jaimie to wince and realise why we were like wounded puppies. Rody had hit all our sore spots. "You can go out and... bed people but no one comes back here" he paced before stopping. "I will get your second song sent over and make sure to practice the other cause we will be recording it on Monday. Oh and have a fun weekend"

With those words he left and we all looked round at one another. "Well, fuck" Jaimie said kicking the door frame before going to find his room.

The End

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