Jaimie: HangoverMature

I woke up groggily, attempting - and failing - to open my eyes properly. After about a minute of trying to wake up, I was finally able to see the ceiling, while squinting obviously. My head was throbbing and I remembered nothing of the previous day after Robin and Kyle had left.

There were two girls in my bed, one either side of me. I must have had a good night then, I thought to myself, smiling up at the ceiling. I pulled myself into a sitting position and held my head in my hand, as if it would help the hangover.

"Good morning," one of the girls said.

"Good morning," I replied, bending down to kiss her.

"What time is it?" she asked me as I brushed her hair back.

I glanced over at the clock. "About 12," I murmured.

My phone vibrated on the nightstand. Leaning over to pick it up, I noticed it wasn't the first call; it was about the tenth, all from Rody...

"Hello?" I said into the microphone, waiting for a bollocking.

"Jaimie, this is the eleventh time I've called you in the past hour!" Rody shouted down the phone, loudly enough for the girls to hear. It really didn't help my hangover.

"Sorry, I was asleep," I muttered.

"That's what I assumed. Don't let it happen again. Anyway, the house is bought and Robin and Kyle are already there. I'll send a car to pick you up; it'll be there in ten minutes."

"No, it's fine, I can drive," I said.

He sighed. "Okay then." And he hung up.

"Girls, I've got to leave in ten minutes, and I won't be back so start getting dressed. Leave when you're ready and check out."

I got out of the bed and hurried into the bathroom. After an uber quick shower, I pulled on some clothes in the bedroom as the two girls were getting dressed too. I pulled my stuff out of the chest of drawers, unplugged all my chargers, grabbed my laptop and shoved them all into the suitcase.

I dragged it out of the bedroom and into the living. Rushing round and checking I had everything, I packed up my guitar which I seemed to have un-stringed at some point in the night and tried to re-string it and done a shit job of it. After a quick check, I came to the conclusion that I had everything.

Dragging the suitcase to the door with my guitar on my back, one of the girls called my name.

"Jaimie, about last night-" one of them started.

"Charge it to my account," I said automatically.

She nodded. So they were prostitutes... I was obviously very drunk last night.

I hurried to the lift and waited impatiently for it to open. When it did, I climbed in and waited even longer to get to the underground car park. Putting everything in the boot of the Mercedes and getting in, I set off.

The End

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