Kyle: Night AnticsMature

"Is this really going to work?" Robin asked, before gulping down more of the vodka. I was beginning to wonder if she liked her drinks just a little bit too much.
"What do you mean?" I asked. Our first few runs hadn't worked out but I thought the last one was half-decent, we were getting there. Just slowly.
Robin concentrated on Jaimie with a unamused expression, I think her eyes flicked to me for a second but that was probably my imagination.
"Jaimie is focusing on the wrong thing,” She said, annoyance clear in her tone.
"Really?" Jaimie asked, a laugh that sounded a little too forced leaving his lips as he put his guitar down.

"What am I focusing on?" He asked, looking up and meeting her eyes head-on.
"Him" Robin said. It took me a few moments to realise that she was pointed at me. Which made absolutely no sense because there was no way in hell Jaimie was interested in me. At least based on the state of his sheets. Looks to me like he already has someone.
"Its not gonna work if we all can't fit this along easy,” I kinda had to nod slightly in agreement there.
"I think we're doing fine" Jaimie replied with an indifferent shrug
"Whatever. I'm going," Robin said. Standing up, grabbing her bag which gave off a distinct clink sound of glass on glass. Maybe she did have a problem?. Then I realised I was standing alone with Jaimie. In his apartment. I swore he was sending me a seductive smile but tore my gaze from his face and followed Robin. Fast. Otherwise I might find myself doing something I regret. I caught up with Robin at the lifts.

"Didn't wanna be alone with him?" Robin asked, one eyebrow raised inquisitively. I felt my cheeks go a deeper shade red and waited for elevator to ping already. Once that was over I hesitated in the lobby and noticed a coffee place across the road. I felt like I could use some caffeine, also I needed something to wash the pills down with. I could feel the familiar sluggishness in my movements that told me the effects were starting to wear off. I paid for the overpriced thing and subtly got a small handful from my bag. I downed it all at once and felt the buzz instantly. Sped up by the caffeine I assumed. I pulled out my phone and considered texting him. But that would be dumb. It's been four months already. And he'd made it abundantly clear he'd moved on. I knew if I heard his voice I'd just be causing myself more trouble. I shoved my phone back into my jacket and told myself I wasn't a coward.


I felt like utter crap when I woke up and felt a groan pass through my lips. A louder one followed when my mobile went off.
“Worse than a fucking alarm,” I muttered. I pick it up and mumbled some form of greetings. I was too tired to care. Not to mention I felt bad. I caught glance of my wrist and realised why. The drugs must've had a bigger effect than I thought. It was one of the stamps you got when you entered a club. The fact that I reeked of alcohol and the bathroom didn't smell any better, gave me a good idea of what occurred.
“It's Rody, The house has been sorted out and your moving in,” He said.
“Now? I still have other stuff back at my old place,” I said. It wasn't much, but there were some important things.

“I'll arrange for them to be moved for you then, but you'll be waiting a few days,” He said. I mumbled an okay and almost ended the call but Rody jumped in.
“The car should be there to pick you up in twenty minutes, see you later.” With that the phone clicked. I looked around at the mess of strewn things and signed.
“Note to self: Figure out the correct dosage of these new pills and fast,” I muttered as I cleaned the worst of the rubbish off the floor and had the quickest shower known to man. This time when I picked up the bottle I took just one. Then I headed downstairs and got into the car, sliding in next to Robin. From the looks of it, she'd had to do a last-minute get-ready as well.

The End

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