Rollar: PracticeMature

When we got to the penthouse apartment I just rolled my eyes. I moved over to the couch were I sat and took out a bottle of vodka tipping back a mouthful. "So... parents pay for this too?" I questioned Jaimie with a raised eyebrow.

He just chuckled and went over to his guitar. I glanced over to the bed and saw the rumpled seats. Kyle saw them to and our eyes met. He flushed and moved to the other couch. We both firmly knew now why Jaimie was in such a great mood from yesterday. I stretched unhappily and got up wandering round.

"So, are we just gonna play?" I asked. 

Jaimie looked over at me and then Kyle but the look he gave Kyle was a lot more intense then the look he gave me. That made me relax. "Lets get it on then" Jaimie said and I heard Kyle splutter. Jaimie smiled while I just shot them both a look.

When we practiced it started off awkward but by the third attempt there was a bit of a beat getting on. While I sung though I could tell Jaimie wasn't paying as much attention and Kyle was focusing too much. I sighed heavily as we finished our 5th attempt and sat back down on the couch.

"Is this really going to work?" I asked looking between them and having a swig of my vodka.

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked. 

I looked pointedly at Jaimie then gently at Kyle. "Jaimie is focusing on the wrong thing"

"Really?" Jaimie chuckled putting his guitar back in his stand. "What am I focusing on?"

"Him" I said nodding over at Kyle who looked down at his base guitar and began playing a few simple notes. "Its not gonna work if we all can't fit this along easy"

"I think we're doing fine" Jaimie merely says. 

"Whatever. I'm going" I said getting up and beginning to head out. I was halfway down the hallway when I heard someone following. I turned round to see Kyle running up. He caught up and then we both got in the elevator. "Didn't wanna be alone with him?"

Kyle flushed and didn't answer. Well, this was all going to go well.


I found myself in a bit of a blur as I answer my phone the next day. "Hey, Robin. Its Rody" 

"How'd you get my number?" I mumbled.

Rody chuckled. "I got it off the PA" he said smartly. Well then how did the PA get my mobile number.

"Well we got the house and we're moving you in now"


"Yes, a car will arrive at your hotel in an hour" he said then hung up.


The End

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