Kyle: ReliefMature

The moment I saw the money in my bank, I went to the nearest pharmacy. I didn't even wait til I was on the street. I just tipped back my head and swallowed a few. It only took a few minutes for the effects to occur and when they did I could feel my body loosen slightly. No more aches or headaches or sore eyes. Just relief.
I walked into the room and kind of paid attention to the conversation. I found that I couldn't stop glancing at Jaimie, because it was clear he'd had a good time last night. Why did it bug me? Sure, he was watching me yesterday but I probably misinterpreted the look. I wasn't surprised to hear Jaimie pick the second house. I hoped Robin would speak next and say the first one, but Rody choose to put me in the spotlight.

“I-I prefer the second house” I said, hesitating slightly. I caught Jaimie sending the same kind of look as yesterday, only more. If that was possible. I looked away and hoped it wasn't obvious that I was blushing.
“Same,” Robin said with a quirk of her lips. Jaimie sent her a look too. I couldn't figure out if it was similar to the looks he sent me. Wait, why do I care?
“I think my vote should count as two,” Jaimie said.
“Why is that?” Rody asked. I was curious about that too but the immature grin answered before he did.
“Because.” Sometimes, he seemed like a spoilt little boy, thinking he can get whatever he wants. Rody mumbled something about buying the place and a song then left, phone at the ready. I sat down next to Robin, because I still wasn't sure about Jaimie.

“So...should we start playing?” I asked. Robin pulled out the music sheets and frowned at them.
“First, let's make some changes,” She suggested. Jaimie leaned forward to look over it and nodded in agreement. I had no clue what to say or think so just mumbled a “sure” as well. I tried not to feel self-conscious of the fact that all three of our heads were leaning forward to read over the music. That Jaimie's face was close, much closer than a person's would normally be in this kind of situation.

“Okay, I'm tweaking the lyrics a little,” Robin said. Making me glance at her rather than Jaimie. I watched the new words she added in and agreed they were much better. I tried to concentrate on the chords to figure out if any should be fixed. But all I could think about was the warmth of Jaimie's nearby face and his deep, musky scent. The drugs in my system were sending my sense into overdrive. Not to mention I could feel my inhibitions loosening up. I might've taken one too many of the pills. I'd make sure to take one less tomorrow. I wasn't about to throw myself at Jaimie if I could help it. No matter how much I could feel my body wanting to attack his lips.

The End

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