Robin/Rollar: 11 o'clockMature

I woke to the familiar pounding in my head and rolled over to grab at whatever bottle I'd left on my bedside table. I tipped it back down my throat and laid for a few minutes till the pounding was replaced by a blissful innocence.

Sighing I got to my feet and apparently I'd got some shampoo during some part last night. I took a shower and was drinking again when I got out. My hair still ended up resembling a birds nest but it was a nice birds nest. I didn't bother with any makeup and grabbed my sunglasses before heading out with my bag which had my emergency supplies.

Which was one bottle of vodka, one of gin and another of wine. When I reached the receptionist I was called over. "This was delivered for you, mam" the women said watching me with a curious gaze.

"Thanks" I muttered taking the packaged from her. I opened it in the taxi and flicked my eyes over the unfamiliar lyrics and then two different houses. Personally I preferred the first house because of the privacy but I could just sense Jaimie liking the second house because it was the ultimate party pad.

Sighing I rubbed my head and read over the lyrics while travelling to Rody Olivers' office. In the elevator I took a small swig of the wine and packed it tightly away as the doors opened. The receptionist smiled to me and gestured to the same door which I wandered over to.

Again, I was the first one there which I guess was going to become a continuing theme. Lying on the sofa I waited sleepily. I had drunk way too much last night so I was going to have to take it easy today if I didn't want to not go sober. "Am I late?" Kyle said stumbling in.

"No, your early" I muttered stretching then sitting up. That was when Rody walked in looking round.

"Did you get the packages?" he asks. Both me and Kyle nodded which is when Jaimie waltz in. "You're late" Rody said shortly.

"Dude, I aint late" he grinned sitting down seeming.... different. I sighed knowing exactly now why he was late. Rody seemed to notice it too and shook his head at him while Kyle just seemed confused.

"Did you get the package?" Rody asked directing the question at Jaimie. 

"Yeah and I vote the second house" he grinned. I would have said thought so but it seemed it didn't need to be said when Rody smiled.

"That was in there for you. What about you two? Kyle?"

"I-I preferred the second house" Kyle flushed as Jaimie looked over at him a little intensely.

"Same" I jumped in with a slight smiled. Jaimie flicked a glance at me with a raised eyebrow before leaning back.

He looked at Rody directly. "I think my vote should count as two"

"Why is that?" Rody asked. 

"Because" Jaimie said simply looking over at both me and Kyle.

I rolled my eyes and Rody pulled out his phone. "I will purchase the second one then and you guys should run through the song" Rody spoke before walking out as he put the phone to his ear. Jaimie huffed leaning back before looking over at both me and Kyle.

What were we in for....

The End

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