Jaimie: Just what I needed...Mature

I left the office, walking back to the hotel. As I stepped through the doors onto the marble floor, it was the luxury I was used to. Second best was never an option with millionaire parents.

I stepped into the lift and reached my penthouse aparment I'd be staying in for however long I needed to. I flopped onto the couch and smiled, remembering what Robin had said about not wanting to share a house with me.

The guy, Kyle, had rushed out of that office as fast as he could, probably needing his next high. I didn't know what he took, nor did I particularly care;  other peoples' problems weren't my own, and usually had nothing to do with me. Actually, now that I think about it, peoples' problems usually did involve me actually...

I thought about what little of the contract I'd read. The three of us would have to move in together, that was about all I knew of the whole arrangement.

I tipped my head back, wondering about band life would be like. I quite liked Robin; she was fiesty, evidently an alcoholic, an fairly pretty. Kyle, though... Kyle seemed easily persuaded and somewhat of a pessimist, but extremely cute.

I sat up, looking around the room for something to do. My laptop was on the glass table, and my electric guitar over in the corner. I hadn't really brought much else in the way of entertainment, so I decided it was time for a little sleep.

A short knock at the door woke me up, which I stood to answer. Pulling the door open, there was a young woman there, probably about her mid-twenties. Her bleached blonde hair and dark brown eyes glittered in the light of the afternoon sun.

"Hello, sir," she said in a twinkly voice. "I'm just about to get of my shift, is there anything I can do for you?"

I smirked. "You tell me," I said suggestively.

She blushed. "That would be wrong, sir."

I touched her arms gently, and pulled her further into the apartment. She didn't resist.

"I could lose my job," she said.

"Nobody needs to know," I whispered in her ear.

She released a shaky breath. I pushed the door shut and pressed her against it. She was looking up at me with deer-like eyes, scared, yet inquisitive at the same time. I lowered my lips onto hers and put my hands on her hips. Her arms slowly crept around my neck. Pushing her against the door, I deepened the kiss, just wanting to cut to the chase. She looped one of her legs around mine. I lifted her up and she automatically tied her legs around my waist.

I carried her to the bedroom, dropping her on the bed, ready to make her scream. Just what I needed...

The End

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