Robin: Becoming a BandMature

I held back a laugh as horror shattered over the infamous Jaimie Evans' face. At first when he walked through the door I thought it was a joke but then when the manager came in. Then that third guy who ran into Rody I slowly came to the realisation this was no joke and Rody Olivers actually expected me to join a band with these guys.

Luckily Jaimie attention had fallen off me the moment that Kyle had come into the room but honestly I was beginning to become a bit uncomfortable with the current situation.

Getting up I wandered over to the kitchen checking the fridge first before beginning to make my way through every cupboard. "So.... are we just all gonna sign then?" Jaimie said slumping into the couch he was on with a little bit of a mope. If I had not been sober I would be laughing right now but I was sober so everything I did seemed ten times worse then it probably was. I got to the last cupboard and nothing. No booze at all and in my anger I slammed the door shut turning round to face the boys with folded arms.

I was moping now too and it seemed Kyle was very uncomfortable himself. "I think we should just get it over and done with"

"I don't want to be living in a house with him" I merely said gesturing at Jaimie who looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. In fact both of them looked over at me with utter confusion. I flushed embarrassed and looked down at my feet. "Was I the only one listening to the fact we'd all have to move to London starting the moment we signed the contract?"

"I just found everything coming out of that managers mouth a load of tiresome nonsense" Jaimie said stretching while this Kyle guy moved around nervously. I knew what was happening. He was a user and he wasn't coping very well right now which mean he hadn't got any in a while.

"Well you know now" I muttered walking back over and sitting on the couch with my legs pulled up to my chest.

"Look, everything else sounded fine" Kyle muttered.

"Like you were listening" I muttered rubbing my head where I was forming a headache. Kyle flushed himself and I frowned apologetically. "Sorry that was uncalled for"

"I'm gonna sign" Jaimie said then grinned at Kyle before briefly grinning at me. It was so obvious who'd he be trying to get into his bed which made me relax.

Stretching I put my feet down on the floor and leant forward. "I guess I'm in. I need the cash" I shrugged. Kyle seemed to nod as well just eager to sign the paper and get back to wherever he was staying. It was Jaimie who went and fetched the PA.

So the next moment we were all scribbling our signature down on the dotted line. I took a brief look through and was glad to fine no loop holes. The moment Kyle had signed he was out of there mumbling something about needing to go somewhere. I notice Jaimie was about to follow but that's when Rody came in thanking us both and telling us we wouldn't regret before letting us go.

We were told to be back tomorrow by 11 o'clock next morning before being let go. I head straight to the first bar then liquor store.

The End

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