Kyle: Stumbling ThroughMature

I cursed under my breath multiple times as I tucked my phone back into my jean pocket. Of course, I was running late. Which meant all eyes would be on me the moment I entered. I swung open the big glass doors to the building and a well-dressed lady with overpowering perfume sent me a curious glance.
“Kyle Dewhurst,” I explained, fighting the urge to throw up. She nodded me towards a door nearby. She started to say something but I ignored her words and walked in-

-to someone's back. The man let out a startled sound before turning to look at me.
“Sorry! I didn't think. Sorry, sorry,” I realised too late that I was rambling like a complete fool. I sat down as fast as I could, Keeping my head down so my red cheeks weren't so obvious. The man made a loud "A-hem" sound before talking. It all sounded like the same spiel his PA had given me, so I tried to sneak a peak at the other two. The girl looked nice enough, though her hair looked a little on the wild side. Then again what did I know about what was or wasn't cute in girls? I turned my curious eyes onto the other person and looked away quickly. Because he'd been looking right at me. I heard a soft chuckle but told myself it was my imagination. Though the short glimpse I'd had of him looked familiar, something that was on the news. Not that I exactly paid much attention to it.

God, I couldn't wait to get out of here and back to the hotel. All I was able to get hold off with my leftover money was some weed. It wasn't my drug of choice, but it would get me through the night.
I tried to keep my focus on the manager, but my whole system was screaming at me. It'd been a long time since I've gone this long without something else inside me and it felt like my veins were fire, demanding I supply them with something.
“...So, if those terms are fine by you I'll have my PA bring in the contracts. Then it's just a case of letting you guys get to know each other and see how you play as a group,” The manager said.

“I'll leave you for a few minutes to consider everything,” he added. Then he turned his back to us and walked out. I really hoped I hadn't missed something of actual importance just now.
“So, who are you?” The guy asked and I looked up feeling a bit startled. I guess it would've been too much to hope we'd just sit in silence.
“Kyle,” I replied. Trying not to look too intently into his green eyes. I'd seen that kind of hunger before and I wasn't interested in a one night stand.
“Robin,” The girl said, holding out her hand. I resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow at the gesture and instead awkwardly took it. What was I doing? Rock wasn't even the genre I played, even back when I was playing regularly. I stuck to general pop, me and the others just played whatever the crowd that night wanted. I certainly didn't know a thing about writing original songs.

“Jaimie Evans,” The guy said, interrupting my line of thought.
“Sure you heard of him,” The girl muttered, causing a smug grin to break across the guy's face. This time I did raise an eyebrow.
“No, actually...” I trailed off awkwardly. Was I meant too?

The End

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