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It was the big huge head hurting pounding on the door that woke me from my almost dead slumber. Groaning and grabbing my sunglasses off the bed side table I went over to the door opening it to find my brother holding a letter. He waved it in my face. "You're glad I was awake" he said then shoved it into my hands before storming off. 

Shutting my door I went back to my bed and used the light from my phone to read the letter. Rody Olivers. He'd been knocking around me for some time now and I'd always said no. I could get gigs on my own but recently I'd been barely able to pay the rent to my brother and he was beginning to get on my nerves with his nagging. 

It wasn't until another snooze later that I finally decided to get up and bother to reply. I mean I was meant to be there tomorrow by ten. Which meant no drinking till tomorrow night which fuck I wasn't happy with but I wasn't doing so well and it was a chance to get away from my brother. Getting some actual clothes on I packed a small bag which was half filled with booze before heading downstairs. 

I didn't bother telling my brother before I left. I had never learned to drive so as I began to walk down the streets I found myself slowly becoming sober which was a crappy state for me. I began to keep my head low especially as I past through the rough areas but I made it to the bus stop with time to spare.

"Ticket to London" I muttered. 

"That will be £12.50 and the next bus is at 5:30" the women said as she took my money. I looked up at the clock pulsing only just 3 o'clock.

"Great" I groaned as I wandered off around the bus station before finally finding a coffee shop. I ordered a heavy coffee and kept my glasses on as I sat in the darkest corner nursing it for the next 2 and a half hours.

When the bus finally set off I was glad because that meant I'd get to sleep in some nice hotel before having to face anyone. So by the time I got to Rody's office I'd be a nice and friendly sober. Wrong. I was the worst person when I was sober which I began to feel on the bus as I sat in the far back corner trying to hide from the world.

Every time I moved I felt like someone stared at me. It had been a miracle I had been able to become a singer but that was cause from the moment I turned 16 I was nursing some form of alcohol 24/7.

The bus reached London about 2 hours later so that left me with almost half a day to sleep off the rest of my drunken state. The room I got was nice though and I made sure it had come out of Rody's bill when at some point I'd called his receptionist.

It was only when I woke up the next morning that I began to register everything. Like the face I'd not packed a toothbrush but had packed toothpaste. Then also the fact I only had one spare pair of socks. Also, I had pack no shampoo so today my hair was going to stay like a birds nest.

When I got to Rody's office the scent of peppermint hit me like a wave and it really did stunk. "Robin Luis" I muttered as I approached the reception.

"Right this way" she smiled sweetly then led me along to a room with... basic amenities. There was a small kitchen and then some couches which I flopped onto. Guess I was going to be waiting then.

The End

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