Lets Rock and RollMature

Three buzzing new talents get together in a bad but will these messed up musicians make it one year?

The Big New Talent

Today this reporter has got herself a catch of a report. The new talent stars Jaimie Evans, Robin Luis and Kyle Dewhust have all been recruited by band manager Rody Olivers to form the new rock band, Strings.

What this reporter wants to know though is how Olivers is going to train this rebellious three? Having already all been featured in daily news the three rock stars aren't going to get a break from the lime light. Especially not with the anticipation of what will come out of this fabulous union.

Although, rumors have been going round already about the groups individual problems. Robin's love of her drink. Kyle's constant prescriptions of various drugs. Then Jaimie's love of keeping his bed warm.

News has been going round how the group is not stable enough to get through their first year but you can rely on this reporter to bring in all the juicy details.

The End

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