Rowan Kerr

I run through the smoky fog, fleeing those in pursuit of me.

"We're gonna get you!" I hear a man bellow.

I turn around and see a man behind me with tattoos, "Stop following me!" I yell.

I leap upon the man, punching him in the face. A woman across the street screams and pulls out her cell phone. However, I am too involved to notice. By the time the police come screeching around the corner the man is unrecognizable. They grab me by my arms and lift me up, putting handcuffs on my wrists.

"It's the games for you."

"No, it's his fault, he was following me! He's part of them! They're trying to kill me, don't you understand!"

"That may be so, but he didn't beat you within an inch of your life."


I walk into the room where the other contestants sit.

I wonder if one of these people are part of Them. It's hard to be sure.

"I'm Rowan, what's your guys' names?"


"Names Will."

"I'm Cyril"

I sigh, "I hope you guys are good in teams."

The End

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