Eveline Rogue

I was running. My feet hit the metal floor causing a clanking noise as I ran. I could hear the police chasing me. Then they shot. I ducked dodging the lazer bolt which almost took of my ear. I stumbled to pick my pace back up but soon I was racing round a corner right up to a dead end. 

Turning round I came face to face with the metal covered police. Their guns pointed towards my head or chest. Death shots. I dumped the bag with the ivory statue by their feet. "You caught me lads and got your statue back... Now let me go" my voice spoke. Really I felt numb and wasn't paying much attention to what was happening around me.

The head police laughed stepping forward. "I think you know your fate, Rogue" he said cuffing my wrists. "Its the games for you. Just like your brother"

"Screw you" I snapped struggling as he tossed me to another police officer. He grinned at me and I spat in his eye. A look of anger went over his face and he turned me around shoving me along back the way we'd come. We reached the van and I was tossed into the back. My side hit the metal hard and I groaned rolling onto my back just as the door closed. It closed out any light I had.

I leant down and tugged my torch out my boot with my teeth switching it on so I got some light. I sat quietly feeling the chill set into my skin as we travelled along. I wouldn't get a trial. Especially since I was a repeat offender. I felt sorry for those who had committed one crime and ended with the same fate.

The Games. I can't believe some volunteered for it. I ran away from it in fear. How could you want to participate in something where your life was on the line. The van rumbled to a stop and I quickly slipped my torch back into my boot before I was dragged out more by my hair. I let out a whimper trying to hold back the scream of pain. Luckily they let go once I was on my feet. 

"Move" a police grunted shoving me forward. I stamped on his foot making him howl before feeling a hand hit my cheek. I let out a slight grunt then began to walk.

The police grumbled annoyed. "Oh, shut up" the other said. "You'll get the pleasure of seeing her die anyway. Thieves never survive"

"Wait and see boys" I snapped at them giving a fake sweet smile as we reached a door. They both laughed and gestured for me to step through the door. I walked through quietly.

The door slammed down behind me. I clenched my fists and walked slowly around the dark room. I tugged my torch out of my boot and switched it on. I was stood in a changing room where several packs lay. Enough packs to survive the challenges. 

Not that everyone would survive. My body shook but I ignored the fear and went to find the light. Just cause my brother had ended with that fate doesn't mean I'd end with the same.

I'd just found the light when I heard the door begin to open. I hide behind the wall and awaited for the neck contestant to walk in.

The End

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