Messy Person

The day started out in a drunken mess.

One noticed by many

Unseen by others

                                    --Mostly everyone

Somebody noticed

Not the mess

But the person

                                                He knows about it and is still concerned

I went

With my original plan

And missed my French yet again.

            Thank the gnikcuf lord. I thought I could do it but it seems like that’s impossible.

What I met


With the long queue of kids with their own seemingly significant line of problems


            Was the shyness of a smile and a confident voice speaking out

Like years have passed

                        Just like that

I accepted it

With open arms

And I craved for more


Like seeing the sun shine for the first god damn marvelous time after nothing but a down pour of rain and clouds

It’s amazing

It’s “dazzingly”

And it turned me over with the ideal strength I had been needing for a while now.


No grammar needed

The silence of a jig-saw puzzle filling in the gaps


And the shaking of hands

                                                            That accompanied me

            With that pain




For the first time

I truly wanted

 To draw the butterfly


                                    With the blue ink of someone I look up to


            He knows

            I know                                                                                     thank god. 

The End

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