Well, first things first. We got out of that creepy basement. If I was going to be the brains of this operation, which I wish I wasn’t, then I needed to be somewhere comfortable; somewhere warm, dry…And I needed something to eat.

Faye had seemed intent that I was the one who held the secrets to this problem. I wasn’t so sure, but I would give it my best shot. I fled back to my room, and snacked on some Cheese Nips while I flipped through every singe book I had. It didn’t matter if it didn’t have anything to do with demons, I would still look. I didn’t want to miss anything.

I had only been to about three classes the whole time I’d been at school, but I had better things to be worrying about right then. And even if this whole waked out conspiracy hadn’t come up, I probably still wouldn’t have gone to classes.

My fingers began to go dry from liking them every other page turn, and my head began to feel heavy. But I wouldn’t stop looking. I put down my book, and pulled out my lap top.  I Googled it.

Wikipedia didn’t seem to know anything we already knew, and some web sites were a little too sketchy for my liking. And nothing seemed to hold the answer I was looking for: How to deal with an angered fear demon who wants you and all the kids you live with to be tortured beyond belief.  

Both of my ghost companions seemed to have disappeared somewhere, and I was feeling the need to have some sort of regular interaction with people. So, closing my lap top, I stepped out into the hall and began to wonder, aimlessly. Night had fallen, and most people had already gone to bed.

My thoughts were cluttered with the confusions and annoyance of the last couple of days. And, for one reason or another, I was thinking about my gramma, who was pretty much the only person who knew the real me to the full extent. Maybe she could help with this huge fiasco.

I looked up, and found myself at the front gates of the school.

“Well,” I told myself, glancing back at the building behind me. “It’s worth a shot.”

I pushed on the iron gates and they opened soundlessly in the night.   

The End

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