Lace: wakenMature

I hear Fayes thoughts entering my head trying to help get the demon out my head but I was already winning the battle.

"This isn't then end Lace. If the cold isn't enough what about those memories what about the fact you can't control your power?What if you finally make friends but end up killing them with your power?" The demon trys to latch onto something to win.

" I will never let anyone come close enough to me to be my friend." I say coldly.

"Then why did you go down to the basement and fail at saving the girl?" The demon had a point. I had no explanation why I did. 

"Don't worry it only marks you as human."The demon says before his voice completely fades.

My eyes jolt open as I wake in the basement. I look around several new people had arrived a few unconciouse a few awake. I could recognize them all except the boy who was standing before me. I get up.

"The Demon where did it get off to we can't allow it to run away and get stronger agian." I say simply.

The End

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